Where Do Scottsdale Foodies Eat?

Scottsdale is flush with amazing restaurants and bars and sometimes choosing a new place to check out is a daunting task.  To help with your decisions here is a list of amazing restaurants, why they’re considered the best and when you should go.  These restaurants are not just a great place to eat, drink and be merry but they’re locally owned to boot.  

DIG Scottsdale Fat Ox Garganelli Speck
DIG Scottsdale Fat Ox Garganelli in truffle butter with speck and Parmesan

Locally Owned Restaurants Are Best

These restaurants are local favorites with a lot of creativity.  Lots of places are great but they may not be great for you at that exact time. So to help you choose just what you’re looking for we’ve compiled this list of great Scottsdale restaurants and why we like them.

DIG Scottsdale WMPO Emmitt Smith
Pretty sure this is the only golfer I know – Emmitt Smith. Go Cowboys!

People Come Here To Vacation

Scottsdale is a resort town. It’s not the foodie scene you will find in NYC, San Francisco or even New Orleans but Scottsdale does have some really amazing places to eat and drink.  We’re happy to see more foodie joints are popping up all the time. Stop visiting the same restaurants and try some new places. Local restaurants need your support!

DIG Scottsdale Fat Ox Rosso di Gallo
DIG Scottsdale Fat Ox Rosso crest di gallo, red wine, dandelion greens, duck sausage, mushroom, huckleberry

1. Fat Ox

Located at Scottsdale Road and Lincoln, Fat Ox is a foodie’s restaurant. The ambiance is a reminder of a resort town in Italian with a modern twist, golds, blue and purple lights, clean lines, nice touches to make it inviting. But besides being a pretty place to eat, Executive Chef Rochelle Daniel creates some amazing combinations of flavors that are sure to delight. Their website and social media is ilovefatox and you will too.

What To Try At Fat Ox

The best time to go is Wednesday through Saturday. It’s an upbeat crowd, they open early for dinner (4:30pm) but it doesn’t start to get busy until 7ish. There are a lot of good things on the menu to start with but skip that great caesar salad and even forgot about the amazing veal meatballs, try the thing listed as affettati misti. It’s a meat and cheese board and their prosciutto is to die for plus the olives are yum. The steaks are great but it’s their pasta (made in-house) is where they really shine. Try one of their desserts and enjoy the experience.

DIG Scottsdale Dominicks-steakhouse-pool-side-dining
DIG Scottsdale Dominick’s Steakhouse Poolside Dining in the Winter

2. Dominick’s Steakhouse (Steak 44 Is Their Sister Restaurant)

Dominick’s may be the best steakhouse in Arizona.  If you’ve tried those steakhouse chains like Ruth Chris, Morton’s, Fleming’s – check out Dominick’s Steakhouse for a truly elevated experience.  Dominick’s and Steak 44 have the same menu, owned by the same outfit and are both great.  But if it’s the wintertime and you’re looking for some serious ambiance, the poolside dining at Dominick’s is the way to go. The owners of these amazing steakhouses have recently opened a seafood restaurant called Ocean 44. If you want great seafood (and steaks), a beautiful venue and perfect service, this is the place to go.

DIG Scottsdale Dominicks steakhouse corn cream brulee
DIG Scottsdale Dominick’s Steakhouse sides – corn cream brulee and king crab mac and cheese

The Food At Dominick’s

The steaks arrive at your table on a plate that’s heated to 550°, so that when the food gets to you, it’s still cooking.  Their attention to detail is excellent, the wine list is amazing plus their sides are to die for (Corn creme brulee? Alaskan king crab and Rock Shrimp mac and cheese? HELL, YEAH). If you want a good steak both Dominick’s and Steak 44 are solid choices.  The crowd at both places are 40+ so not quite the scene like you’d find at some other steakhouses, but they’re not filled with party girls and escorts either, so there’s that.

When To Go To Dominick’s

If you want a great experience and a chance to try a smorgasbord of tastineness, grab two friends and get there when they open at 4pm and order everything on their bar menu.  Yes, everything.  The filet mignon, scallops, calamari, deviled eggs, crab cakes, even the lobster grilled cheese – order it all.  You will thank us.  It’s all good!

DIG Scottsdale Zinc Bistro side of macaroni and cheese
DIG Scottsdale Zinc Bistro side of macaroni and cheese with country ham

3. Zinc Bistro

Stroll into Zinc Bistro in the middle of Kierland Commons on Scottsdale Road and you’ll be transported to a space that makes you forget the outside world.  With its super romantic garden courtyard to the quaint outside sidewalk tables, it’s just a different vibe than most Scottsdale restaurants.

DIG Scottsdale Zinc Bistro rose all day
DIG Scottsdale Zinc Bistro & Wine bar Rose all day

When To Go To Zinc

The best time to go is weekdays between 11am and 8pm.  Zinc has a fantastic dinner menu so don’t let this suggestion deter you from hitting up Zinc for supper but where Zinc really shines is during the day.  The staff, the energy and Sean the bartender all make you feel welcome. You’ll leave with a smile on your face.

DIG Scottsdale Zinc Bistro Cheesecake Wrapped
DIG Scottsdale Zinc Bistro Gran Marnier cheesecake wrapped in chocolate leather topped with toasted pistachio crunch

What To Try (Besides Everything)

Whether you are celebrating a business venture, need a glass of wine to recover from shopping or just want to unwind, Zinc is the place to do it.  Champagne, cheeses, oysters, desserts, sandwiches, salads, steaks and wines galore.  If there’s one thing to try at Zinc (besides the wine) it’s hard to suggest just one thing but definitely check out the cheesecake just because it’s so unusual.

DIG Scottsdale Mission Sunday Pig Out Pork Shoulder Tacos
DIG Scottsdale Mission Sunday Pig Out Pork Shoulder Tacos

4. The Mission: Kierland Commons & Old Town

There are two locations for The Mission – the original one in Old Town and the newer one in Kierland Commons.  The menus are the same but the atmosphere between the two couldn’t be more different. The Mission isn’t Mexican food, per se, but they make the best tableside guacamole around. They cut up avocados right in front of you and add sliced jalapeño, red onion, fresh garlic, sea salt, lime, tomatoes, EVO, chipotle puree, cilantro, cotija and roasted pepitas, mix it all together to make the freshest guacamole you can find.

DIG Scottsdale Mission Cocktails
DIG Scottsdale Mission Kierland Cocktails That Are Pretty

Make It Your Mission To Try The Pork Belly

The food at the Mission borrows flavors from Spain, Mexico, Central America and South America. You’ll have a hard time deciding what to eat but the other item on the menu that is an absolute must try is the crispy pork belly in a cola, lime, chiltepin, peanut glaze served with pickled red onion and iceberg lettuce. Both locations are great.  The Mission at Kierland opened in 2017, just over eight years after the Mission in Old Town. 

DIG Scottsdale sushi
DIG Scottsdale sushi

5. SumoMaya

Sushi or Tacos?  Yes and yes.  Beautiful place, beautiful people, beautiful food and beautiful vibes.  SumoMaya located at Scottsdale Road and Lincoln is truly a unique experience with a blend of Far East, Mexican and Latin American foods.

Don’t miss brunch at SumoMaya

SumoMaya is a wonderful place to go and chill, have a lunch or dinner but when you absolutely must go is during brunch.  This is where you and a group of friends go for the bottomless brunch! Keep your pants on, it’s the food and alcohol that’s bottomless.  Churro waffle, pomegranate guacamole, sushi rolls, kimchee fried rice to name a few of the menu items that you can pair with bottomless Bloody Marys, margaritas, mimosas, micheladas or draft beer.  

6. Hot Noodles & Cold Sake

Where is a good ramen place in Scottsdale?  In a strip mall at Frank Lloyd Wright and the 101 next to the Irish bar Skeptical Chymist is an amazing noodle house called Hot Noodles & Cold Sake.  Guess what they serve?  Hot noodles and cold sake!     Check out a picture of ramen on their Instagram.

The Ramen Is Everything

Hot Noodles & Cold Sake is a tiny place that serves amazing ramen.  This is Chef Josh Herbert’s spot who has perfected his broth.  One of the best soups to order is the Goma House Specialty with Char-Siu pork & broth, bok choy, fresno pepper, sesame seeds, shishito pepper, nori, bonito, leeks, bean sprouts and scallions. The cool thing about Hot Noodles & Cold Sake is that if you don’t feel like eating there, they will package the broth and ingredients separately so it travels well.  Believe it or not, eating hot soup on a hot day does cool you down but this is also a great date night location.

DIG Scottsdale Local Bistro Drive Thru Burger
DIG Scottsdale Local Bistro Happy Hour Drive Thru Burger

7. Local Bistro

Nestled in a grocery store parking lot, this beautifully decorated restaurant is aptly named Local Bistro as it is certainly a local favorite.  Local Bistro is a welcoming place to stop by any time for a drink and a bite to eat.  Wood-fired pizzas, hand-made pasta, salads and their legendary drunk bread.  

Getting Drunk On The Drunk Bread

That’s right, Drunk Bread is on their happy hour menu made with white wine, Swiss fondue cheeses and crusty bread.  Order this appetizer with your friends while enjoying the ambiance and a glass of wine. The best time to go here is any.  The bistro is a fun place to be any day of the week for lunch, dinner or late night happy hour. 

DIG Scottsdale Ocean 44 escargot
DIG Scottsdale: Ocean 44 Escargot with Lobster and Caviar

8. Ocean 44 & Hush Public House

Both of these restaurants are new favorites for anyone who loves good food. Ocean 44 has the ambiance (it’s light, it’s sexy, it’s airy). The service is crazy good, the food comes out perfect and fast. Hush Public House is crowded, small and loud but it’s a fun vibe with amazing dishes streaming non-stop from the kitchen.

DIG Scottsdale Hush Public House Halibut Crudo
DIG Scottsdale Hush Public House Halibut Crudo

A Few Other Favorites Places

It’s difficult to just choose a few places when there are so many great options. Two other places to try are the Dorian and Second Story Liquor Bar. Both of these restaurants are in Old Town and they’re both pretty sexy. The food is great and they’re not as well knows so you may be able to get a reservation during the busy season when everyone else is full. Probably not but the wait could be less.

Enjoy Scottsdale, Eat Local

This list is not in any particular order. Visit these places and you will agree that Scottsdale has some great foodie spots whether it’s for brunch, happy hour, lunch dinner or reverse happy hour!  When you go, tag us on Instagram we’d love to see what you eat!  Our hashtag is #digscottsdale.  DIG it!