Take Your Happy Hour Game To The Next Level

Day drinking is practically a sport in Scottsdale. Happy hours are abundant and frequent.  Happy hour is where the locally owned restaurants outshine the corporate owned restaurants by a landslide.

Scottsdale is all about Happy Hour

Day Drinking in Scottsdale

Picture this:  You wake up as the sunlight peeks its way into your bedroom, you walk out onto your balcony patio and take a deep breath of pollution free air gazing at the glorious day ahead.  It’s not even 6am and you’re awake and ready to go.  What to do? Start in on those emails? Hell, no! Go walk endlessly on a treadmill at the gym? Think again, buddy.  Hike? OK, that’s not a bad idea. Golf?  Yes, golf. 

DIG Scottsdale Day Drinking & Golfing – A Match

Golf Was Made For Day Drinking

So you and your buddies are proud of yourselves for being at the golf course so early in the morning.  You’ve handled what needs to be handled at the office and besides, this is business golf.  You will probably seal a deal by hole #10 which obviously calls for a cocktail.  And another and another and then it’s time for lunch.  You finish lunch but the party is just getting started, what to do? 

Happy Hour Exists For A Reason

During the week happy hour starts around 2pm-3pm and goes until 5pm-6pm.  Happy hour provides a reason to leave the office and go out and socialize.  It also creates an excuse for all those entrepeneurs who work from home to go and network and schmooze.  Saving a little paper while you’re doing it isn’t a bad thing.  No, sir. 

DIG Scottsdale Happy Hour Cocktails At Many Foodie Restaurants

What Time Is Happy Hour?

You know what they say: Every hour with me is a happy hour. HA-HA  But most restaurant and bars offer some type of happy hour during the week and some even have all day happy hours on the weekend! The typical happy hour runs from 3pm-6pm but some places start earlier and end later. For restaurants that aren’t open for lunch, happy hour may only be one hour like from 4pm to 5pm so check ahead of time.

Foodies Paradise

The best part about happy hour in Scottsdale is the amount of damn amazing restaurants that offer sweet deals on their food during the happy hour.  If a restaurant was just out of your budget but you’ve been wanting to check it out, why not pop in for a happy hour.   There will be less ambiance and smaller portions but it is a way to get your foot in the door until you wallet is fatter. 

There’s Too Much To Do To Go To HH

So you’re only in town for a short period of time and want to soak in all that Scottsdale has to offer?  You’re thinking, why on earth would you want to go to a happy hour when it’s so gorgeous outside!  That’s ok, we got you.  Scottsdale has reverse happy hour so you can have your cake and eat it too!