Finding The Unexpected On High Street

Humble Bistro is on High Street across from Hula’s Modern Tiki and Modern Margarita.  The bistro is not flashy so you might walk past it but once you’re inside you’re transported to an idyllic comfortable space with the Rat Pack playing in the background, a long wooden bar, tablecloths and flowers at every table with a great vibe overall.

Humble Bistro High Street

Happy Hour Treats

This summer I wrote about various happy hour options on High Street and Humble Bistro was one of the places I wrote about with a menu of $6 items.  Since then I have been back for brunch, lunch and dinner and have yet to be disappointed.  I have had the pleasure of meeting the mastermind behind Humble Bistro, Chef Jorge Gomez.  Chef is very passionate about his flour and tomatoes and if I had his skills the name of the restaurant might have been Damn, I’m Good Bistro because he has quite the resume.

dig scottsdale humble bistro meatballs
dig scottsdale humble bistro brussel sprouts and basil

For Brunch, Lunch & Happy Hour

Although Chef Jorge’s first is known for his amazing pizza at Humble Pie, there’s a lot more to choose from at Humble Bistro.  For brunch, I really enjoyed their BK Cubano which is served with their in-house forno bread with slow-braised carnitas, capicola ham, pickles, provolone, scrambled eggs and yellow mustard.  Their brunch menu isn’t on their site but here’s a link to it on Issuu and an image of it to make it easier to see their awesome selection of eggs benedicts, sangrias, pies and other culinary delights. Brunch is every Saturday & Sunday 11a-3p and if you like supporting locally-owned places,  my recommendation is to go on a Sunday to take advantage of the High Sreet Farmer’s Market with lots of local vendors to choose from.

humble bistro brunch menu

(Not So) Humble Is A Great Choice

If you are hungry for something different, in an inviting atmosphere while trying a variety of foods created by a culinary great, Humble Bistro is a great choice.  My favorites are for sure the charred jalapeno hummus and the surprisingly meatless lasagne.  They have a lot of vegetarian options on the menu and the frose on tap makes for a quick refreshment on a hot day.  You won’t be disappointed trying this place out, it’s certainly become one of my favorite local spots.

dig scottsdale humble bistro gentleman
humble bistro table

A Side Note About Locally-Owned Eating

There are a lot of benefits to eating at local places over corporate-owned spots.  Besides, more money staying in the community and getting re-invested locally through secondary and tertiary jobs, most local places have relationships with local vendors.  One trend I have seen in Scottsdale and Phoenix metro area is that when a restaurant does use a local vendor, a lot of time they give them props on the menu.  It’s not uncommon to see swordfish from Chula’s Seafood or fries from Frites Street listed in the dish description.  I haven’t seen this trend in other cities and I really appreciate the growing culinary scene in Scottsdale and Arizona in general. A couple of other notable food bloggers in the area are TEXAZ Taste and Write On Rubee who write a lot about the local food scene.

In Case You Didn’t Get It

The title of this blog is based on a song by Mac Davis: It’s Hard To Be Humble.

Oh, Lord it’s hard to be humble when you’re perfect in every way…

This one lyric was bellowed out at the top of my grandfather’s lung whenever we were out in the pickup checking on crops. Pretty much every day, if he was in a good mood. Just wanted to give credit appropriately because it’s a pretty old song and might give you a giggle.