Why It’s Critical To Use Local Businesses

Starbucks, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Olive Garden, IHOP, Outback Steakhouse, Benihana’s, Denny’s, PF Chang’s (to name a few) are all nationwide well-known restaurant chains.  Chances are if you live in a metropolitan area you’re near one or several of these types of establishments.

Big Business against Locally Owned Businesses: What part are you playing?

Are Restaurant Chains Evil?

No. Yes. Maybe.  Who can say?  Chains certainly serve a purpose.  They can provide familiarity and consistency.  When you are traveling, too tired to cook or just crave something you’ve had before, going to chain restaurant is an easy decision-less auto-pilot way to go.  There’s nothing wrong with being a drone. 😜

What’s So Great About Locally-Owned Businesses?

There’s a saying: “A rising tide lifts all boats” and we believe that directly applies to doing business with locally owned companies whenever possible.  Supporting locally owned businesses helps the local economy because more money stays in town.  Everyone wins.

DIG Scottsdale support local business a rising tide lifts all boats

Who Cares? People Are Still Employed, Right?

What’s so bad about a local Taco Bell popping up in your neighborhood? Nothing.  Taco Bell will provide jobs to people in that neighborhood.  Everyone needs work. These are primary jobs.  So it’s a win! If Joe’s Tacos went in the same space, Joe would hire those same people. So either way, it’s great for the neighborhood.

On average, 48% of each purchase at local independent businesses was recirculated locally, compared to less than 14% of purchases at chain stores.

What Are Secondary Jobs?

If Taco Bell is giving the neighborhood jobs, what the difference between Taco Bell and Joe’s Tacos?  Well, Taco Bell already has everything it needs at the corporate level.  That new Taco Bell already has a logo, website, printer, accountant, bank, etc, and no one locally is getting hired for those things because they’re all created at the corporate level.

Joe’s Tacos, however, needs to hire people or companies to do all of these things for his new venture.  Joe will need to hire someone to design a logo, find a local printer to create flyers, he will need an accountant, a website,  a company to create his uniforms, maybe he wants to hire someone to do his social media too, the list is endless. Those are a lot of secondary jobs that get created because Joe opened his taco shop.

Tertiary jobs? What is that?

What the heck is a tertiary job? You mean there’s even more business being lost when a chain opens versus a local company?  Yup!  A tertiary job would be the janitorial service the local accountant hires that is busy working late on Joe’s Taco’s taxes.  The accountant may also have to order takeout because he’s staying late and order flowers from a local florist to make it up to his wife because he’s helping Joe get his business going.  That’s a lot of money that gets spread around because Joe opened a taco shop instead of Taco Bell.

Promoting Happiness

DIG is all about promoting happiness by promoting locally owned businesses.  Small business owners can do many things better than corporate-owned businesses plus a lot more of the profits stay locally. Additionally, small business owners are often more innovative and responsive to change than corporately owned companies.

A Few Great Places To Try In Scottsdale

It’s always a challenge to find some great restaurants that are close to your hotel or wherever you’re staying so we’re going to make it easy for you. Below is a quick list of some of the favorite places to eat and some newly established restaurants as well. Check DIGSCOTTSDALE on IG for more regular updates or subscribe to our blog.

Local Resturants In Scottsdale Fit For A Foodie

Ready to find more local biz?

If you’re finally convinced that’s it’s time to ditch the chains whenever possible, DIG is the place to be for new restaurants and things to check out.  Whether you live in the Scottsdale area or just coming to visit, keep more money in the community by looking for local places to eat.