Stay Out Late Even During The Week

In the Valley of the Sun, reverse happy hour is everywhere. When the weather is as beautiful as it is in Scottsdale, there often just too much to do during the day to make it to happy hour.   But that’s ok.  You’re still in luck.

Learn about reverse happy hour and where to go to get the most out of your night in Scottsdale.
DIG Scottsdale Reverse Happy Hour in Scottsdale, AZ

Next Level Happy Hour

Like most things, Scottsdale takes happy hour to the next level.  While happy hour has always been a time to enjoy a discounted cocktail, Scottsdale foodies will be delighted to learn that the happy hour here always involves food.

What is Reverse Happy Hour?

No, it’s not some naughty position to do in the bedroom. Although… 🤔 Hmm, well we can get back to that later.  Reverse happy hour is like a regular happy hour except instead of it being at the beginning of the night it’s at the end.  Most reverse happy hours start at 9pm or 10pm and go until the restaurant or bar closes.

Why Does Reverse Happy Hour Exist?

Excellent question! Restaurants that stay open until midnight often experience a lull in business during the week after midnight.  The discounted bar menu is offered to provide incentive to come out a little later.  Similar to Taco Tuesday, restaurants in a resort town like Scottsdale sometimes need a little help during the weeknights to keep busy.

Summer Reverse Happy Hour

In the summer when it’s a million and a half degrees outside, 4pm is a really hot time of day.  4pm also happens to be smack in the middle of a normal happy hour.  When it’s 120° degrees outside, you don’t want to be squinting in a bar while the sun glares at you.  If the pool is already too warm for comfort, the main place you want to be is at home straddling an air conditioner or with your head in the freezer.

Later on when you are ready to go out, it might be difficult to rally the troops to meet you out at 9pm-10pm on a week night.  Except you mention reverse happy hour and now everyone is like meh, ok. Let me call an Uber.

Winter Reverse Happy Hour

In the Winter or really, any time after October, when the weather is gorgeous, there is so much to do that you may not have time to hit a happy hour.  From October to May there is so much going on every week that it’s impossible to get to it all.  Reverse happy hour allows you to unwind after that busy schedule.

What About Food?

Keep in mind that not every restaurant that offers a happy hour will offer a reverse happy hour.  In fact, a few of the high end foodie restaurants only offer a brief happy hour during the week.  But there are plenty of other high end restaurants that offer amazing food in smaller portions at a lower price for reverse happy hour.  It’s worth looking into if you’re craving something delicious at 10pm at night. 

Who Hangs At Reverse HH?

Reverse Happy Hour is a great idea for a date, your Tinder match, hang out with your buddies or just to get a light bite to eat before heading home for the night.  You’re likely to see a lot of people from your neighborhood, a lot of service industry people and people who have just flown in from some place a lot of time zones away and haven’t adjusted yet.  Reverse HH is a lively crowd, usually a mix of very casual and very dressy depending on where they’re coming from.  Also a damn good place for a hook up because who doesn’t like a reverse happy hour. 😉