Fairytales Come True At The Princess

If you love the holidays, love glamour and want some place with Gram worthy photos, the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess is the place to go.  Don’t even think about it, this is a must see, must do, must go experience. 

DIG Scottsdale Christmas at the Scottsdale Fairmont Princess

Nightmare on Princess Drive

The cooler weather kicks off three big events for the Fairmont.  The first being Nightmare on Princess Drive for Halloween.  Every year the Princess has a different theme. This year it’s King Tut’s Tomb!  

A Winter Playground For Everyone

Everyone knows that no sooner does October get here that it’s suddenly almost time for Thanksgiving.  How time flies!  Thanksgiving does not have to mean hours in the kitchen and time spent cleaning.  The Princess has got that covered.

Thanksgiving at the Princess

The Fairmont is pretty for sure but it’s one of the few resorts where every restaurant on-site is delicious.  During Thanksgiving the chefs from Bourbon Steak, La Hacienda, Toro and Ironwood come together to put their own special flare on the table

DIG Scottsdale Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Thanksgiving pumpkin

Thanksgiving Menu at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

Chef Sara Garrant from Bourbon Steak is cooking up smoked beef shortribs in a cabernet reduciton sauce with truffle mac & cheese and maple glazed root vegetables.

La Hacienda is putting together squash blossom quesadillas (OMG!) with a poblano masa, mole verde, calabacitas and queso fresco and shrimp tamales with avocado cream.

Toro has a hand rolled sushi station featuring some traditional rolls as well as their angry tuna roll. More importantly, they’re also offering the crispy pork belly on a crunchy sweet potato polenta apple slaw.

The Ironwood is doing what they do with their twist on the classics. Brined roast turkey breast and turkey leg confit with an apple sage stuffing, cranberry orange chutney and traditional gravy is sure to please.

Save room for dessert because the selection at the Princess is full of amazing treats. Some of the ones that stand out are the brownie pumpkin cupcake, mix nut salted caramel tart, eggnog creme bruele and who can resist a bourbon pecan tart? There’s even a gluten-free option with a red berry torte.

Tree Lighting At The Fairmont

There are three events that the Fairmont does really well every year.  July 4th, Halloween and Christmas/New Years.  There’s no place prettier than the Princess at Christmas.  Don’t take our word for it though, check out their video.

Fun For Everyone

Sit on Santa’s lap! Ride the ferris wheel.  Take a picture on the carousel.  Ride the train.  See the lights.  Take a million Instagram pictures.  Go to Santa’s workshop.  Ice skate.  Drink hot chocolate.  Drink adult hot chocolate.  Drink more adult hot chocolate!  Sit by a fire pit.  Watch the light show syncrhonized with music.  See the fireworks.  Whether you have kids, are on a date or just feel like enjoying the Christmas spirit, this is the place to be! 

New Year’s Eve At The Princess

Every year for New Year’s Eve, with all the Christmas lights still up decorating the entire grounds, the Princess throws a kick ass NYE party.  Each year is a different theme and while they haven’t announced the theme for 2018-2019 yet, you can be sure it will be a lot of fun. 

Full Disclosure

These recommendations are based on repeated good experiences at the Fairmont all times of the year.  It’s easy to make a must-go DIG recommendation for a place that is consistently fun and beautiful.