You Have The Biggest What???

That’s right….. Scottsdale, Arizona has the largest Harley Davidson Dealership in the WORLD.  Bob Parsons, Marine, geek and avid motorcycle enthusiast blessed North Scottsdale with an amazing Harley Davidson dealership.

DIG Scottsdale Harley Davidson World's Largeset Dealership in the World

How Big Is It?

Yeah, a big motorcycle shop, big deal….   That’s what you may think until you walk in.  Harley Davidson of Scottsdale is no f*cking joke.  This place is huge. Even if you just pretended for a minute that it was just about selling bikes and apparel, it’s still big.  But that’s not what HDOS is all about.  

What Harley Davidson of Scottsdale Has That No One Else Does

While DIG Scottsdale can’t tell you the mindset of Mr Parsons, what you can ascertain is that no expense was spared in any part of the Harley Davidson of Scottsdale experience. HDOS has pretty much thought of everything.

Wanna Profess Your Love To/Of HD?

Harley Davidson of Scottsdale is all about love.  Love of riding.  Love of the lifestyle.  Love of…. well, love.  Yep, there’s really a wedding chapel on site. In fact, according to the ordained ministers, it may be possible with a lot of begging and finagling that you could even get Mr Robert Parsons to command the ceremony.  But if a wedding isn’t what you had in mind and you still want to permanently express your love of Harley, there’s also a tattoo parlor on site. 

DIG Scottsdale Harley Davidson of Scottsdale Robert Parson Certified….

HDOS Thought of Everything

Let’s say you just rode in from wherever and it’s a million degrees outside.  HDOS has got you – the bathrooms are clean and there are chilled waters available throughout the place.  But maybe, instead, you live nearby but the bike needs some work done. No problem.  Grab something from the grill or cafe.  If you’re not hungry, take one of the elevators downstairs to the movie theater.

If you have time to kill while at Harley Davidson of Scottsdale and you’re not interested in new gear or accessories, head downstairs to the movie theater to kill some time or upstairs to play some video games, get a tattoo or get married.  Either / Or.

DIG Scottsdale Harley Davidson Arcade

We’re Going To The Chapel/Parlor

If you head upstairs you can do a few things… you could grab something to eat.  Benign.  You could hop on one of the arcade bikes and race your partner on Harley-ish bikes.  Also benign.  Or you could wander over to the tattoo parlor and get a new piece of ink on a blank slate.  Less benign. Or you could just stroll into the wedding chapel and get married. Not benign at all! Yep, there’s a wedding chapel at the Harley Davidson dealership.  If you’re all about the HD Lifestyle then HDOS has got you covered. 

HDOS Does Love

Between the beautiful bikes, the abundant water, the plush movie theater and the great staff, it’s obvious Harley Davidson of Scottsdale is all about the love.  But in case it wasn’t clear you could, in theory, profess your love with not only a tattoo from the upstairs tattoo parlor but also with lingerie from their super sexy collection of under gear for the sexiest riders.

DIG Scottsdale Harley Davidson of Scottsdale United States Marine Corp Custom Harley

Harley Davidson of Scottsdale is Amazing

If you ride, you understand, two wheels is two wheels.  In the grand scheme of things its four wheels against two and even if you don’t ride Harley you will certainly fall in lust with this store.

 DIG Scottsdale Harley Davidson of Scottsdale Screw It Just Ride – A Great Motto

HDOS Supports Big Causes

After all the hoopla and prettiness of Harley Davidson of Scottsdale, the one thing you should remember is Bob Parsons’ commitment to Country.  There are US flags everywhere.   If there’s a military cause, HDOS is part of it.  On display is a Harley for every branch of the US Military. 

If you ride, whether it’s fast bikes, American steel or some of that foreign fanciness appreciate Harley Davidson of Scottsdale’s motto:  Screw It, Just Ride.