Prime Time For Fun

Let’s be honest, winter isn’t exactly prime time for sunbathing in most places. But in Scottsdale, Arizona, the winter months are like a secret handshake with Mother Nature, promising perfect weather every damn day. Sure, that’s reason enough to pack your bags, but prepare to have your mind blown by 3 events that make Scottsdale the epicenter of winter cool.

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1. Tee Off With The Stars At WMPO & Bird's Nest: February 5-11

Forget Coachella, this is where the real party's at. The Waste Management Phoenix Open (WMPO) is golf on steroids, a raucous celebration of birdies, brews and babes. The hotties are out wearing the least amount possible and it's an all day all night party for almost an entire week straight. Trust me, this isn't just golf. The party spills over to Bird's Nest, the epic 16th hole oasis. Think: live music all day, celebrities swinging clubs while dodging flying beer cans, and enough energy to power a small sun. This year, catch sets from country crooners like Scotty McCreery and Dustin Lynch, or lose yourself in the dance floor grooves of Sam Feldt or Duran Duran. Just try not to lose your shirt, or do, in the mosh pit.

You Can Golf Too

Did I mention Scottsdale boasts 51 championship golf courses? Yeah, consider this your chance to rub elbows with pros on the green, then brag about it back home. Just remember, sunscreen and a sense of humor are mandatory cuz you're not the only one wanting to practice your golf swing in the middle of winter.

2. Vroom Vroom For Vintage Chrome At Barrett-Jackson: January 20-28

If your idea of heaven involves million-dollar muscle cars and enough horsepower to launch you to Pluto, buckle up for Barrett-Jackson, the world's premier collector car auction. Picture sleek Bugattis, rumbling Lamborghinis, and pristine classics like Marilyn Monroe's pink Cadillac. Past auctions have seen Jay Leno, Nicolas Cage, and even Kiss rock the stage, so don't be surprised if you snag a selfie with a celeb while bidding on your dream Bugatti. Remember, window shopping is just fine, but the thrill of watching a bidding war explode is worth the price of admission alone. Past auction stars? A Duesenberg owned by Elvis, a Ferrari driven by Steve McQueen and even the Batmobile! And who knows, you might just catch a glimpse of Jay Leno or Jerry Seinfeld bidding on their next automotive obsession. Plus, Scottsdale has enough car museums and vintage dealerships to keep any gearhead drooling for days. You might even find your own nostalgic ride to cruise around town in style.

Beyond Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale's Other Lesser Known Auctions

While Barrett-Jackson reigns supreme in the Scottsdale auction scene, gearheads rejoice! The desert heat brings not one, but several automotive extravaganzas, each with its own distinct flavor. Buckle up, as we cruise through some hidden gems you won't want to miss:

  • Russo & Steele: My favorite auction to attend because of the cars, coziness and amazing auctioneer team. If you're craving European elegance and classic muscle, look no further than Russo & Steele. Their intimate, curated selection focuses on pre-war European marvels like Ferraris, Bugattis and Bentleys, alongside American muscle legends like Shelbys and Cobras. Think Gatsby's garage meets a European grand prix, with a dash of rock 'n' roll swagger.
  • Gooding & Company: If discretion and pedigree are your jam, Gooding & Company's online auction is a haven for blue-chip classics. Picture immaculately restored Duesenbergs, gleaming Aston Martins, and rare one-offs that'll make your collector car heart skip a beat. Think private club meets museum exhibit, with bidding paddles replacing champagne flutes.
  • Bonhams: Calling all motorsport enthusiasts! Bonhams brings the heat with a potent mix of vintage race cars, motorcycles and automobilia. From roaring Le Mans legends to iconic dirt track heroes, this auction is a nostalgia trip for speed demons. Think checkered flags and pit lane adrenaline, with gavel drops replacing engine roars.
  • Worldwide Auctioneers: Looking for something a little quirky? Worldwide Auctioneers is your playground. Their diverse offering ranges from classic cars and hot rods to vintage motorcycles and even airplanes. Think eclectic barn find meets automotive flea market, with the thrill of the hunt driving

Cars, Cars, Cars

So, whether you're a Bugatti buff, a muscle car maestro or just love the smell of vintage gasoline, Scottsdale's winter auction scene has something for every gearhead's desire. Come for the chrome, stay for the camaraderie, and leave with a story to tell. You never know who you're going to meet.

3. Catch A Fly Ball & A Tan At Cactus League Spring Training:February 22-March 26

Baseball fans, rejoice! Scottsdale transforms into a spring training mecca, with 10 stadiums hosting 15 MLB teams. Chase autographs from your favorite players, snag a foul ball as a souvenir and soak up the electrifying atmosphere. Every game feels like a front-row seat to baseball history, from the iconic Scottsdale Stadium to the intimate Salt River Fields at Talking Stick.

Let's talk about those stadiums:

  • Scottsdale Stadium: Home to the Giants, where Willie Mays once roamed the outfield.
  • Salt River Fields at Talking Stick: Catch the Rockies and D-backs under the glorious Arizona sun.
  • Hohokam Stadium: See the A's and Rangers swing bats amidst stunning mountain views.
  • There's seven more, each with its own unique charm and legendary teams but you can look them up.

More Than Hot Dogs

Baseball isn't just about the diamond. Fuel up on Sonoran hot dogs and prickly pear margaritas at local joints like Culinary Dropout or The Yard. Afterward, catch a stunning sunset before hitting the vibrant Scottsdale nightlife. Seriously, Arizona sunsets are like Van Gogh paintings come to life.

Bonus Round: Fuel Up for Fun

No trip to Scottsdale is complete without indulging in its culinary scene. From farm-to-table delights at The Mission to modern Mexican masterpieces at Barrio Urbano, your taste buds will be doing the salsa. And to fuel those sunset hikes and post-game revelry, refuel at Local, a gastropub with a killer patio and views that'll make your Instagram jealous.

Don't Be Cold

So, what are you waiting for? Ditch the parka, pack your clubs and get ready for a winter wonderland that's anything but frozen. Scottsdale's got sunshine, star power, and enough adrenaline-pumping events to keep you entertained until the last fiery sunset paints the sky. See you on the green, at the auction block, or cheering on your favorite team under the Arizona sun!