DIG Scottsdale Hush Public House Lobster
DIG Scottsdale Hush Public House Lobster Fra Diavolo

If You Appreciate Great Food, Try Hush

As a lifestyle blogger about local businesses and events in Scottsdale, the most frequent question I am asked is what is the best restaurant in Scottsdale. The only way to answer this question is with another question: What type of food do you want? But if someone asks me what is the best new restaurant in Scottsdale the answer is easy: Hush Public House.

DIG Scottsdale Hush Public House halibut Ceviche
DIG Scottsdale Hush Public House Chula Seafood Halibut Ceviche with Dom Ruggiero

It’s Official

I am thrilled to death that Hush has just received the Best of the Valley New Restaurant award as well as Editor’s Pick from Phoenix Magazine. This place is always busy, even on a Tuesday night in the summer. I can not imagine how difficult it will be to get a coveted spot now that they’ve been honored with the recognition they so deserve.

Hidden Hush: Where Is It?

The restaurant is in a strip mall off Scottsdale Road between Thunderbird and Acoma. It’s kinda hidden but Uber can find it! By NYC standards Hush is a normal size space but by Scottsdale standards, this lovely restaurant is kinda small. The upside to smaller restaurants is nothing goes unnoticed. All the tables and all the seats at the bar are always full. You will be lucky to get a seat without calling ahead. Make sure you RSVP!

DIG Scottsdale Hush Public House Halibut Crudo
DIG Scottsdale Hush Public House Halibut Crudo

Familiar Faces

If you’re a regular diner in the North Scottsdale area, you’re sure to see some familiar faces, as it’s already a local favorite. When I stopped in for the first time in February to celebrate my birthday, I was surprised and delighted to see a familiar face. As it turns out, Charles who was behind the bar for years at Zinc Bistro is a co-owner. My mind was already at ease because the man has great taste in alcohol. He introduced me to Dom who is a meat man at heart. You could tell immediately that this place will be a hit for years to come. I sat at the bar so I could watch Skyler (formerly of Local Bistro and SumoMaya) create dishes under the watchful eye of Dom. Everyone in the joint is friendly, in sync and no one misses a thing.

DIG Scottsdale Hush Public House Skyler Myles
DIG Scottsdale Hush Public House Skyler Myles Magic Behind The Scenes

The Hush Vibe & Energy

The place is energetic and fast-paced. You feel a vibe there that makes you feel like you’re a part of something. This is not a quiet, cozy, do everything proper kind of venue. No one is going to look down their nose at you if you’re wearing cut-offs but get ready to be wowed by the food. Hush is the kind of spot where you feel like you are in the middle of greatness. Their menu is changing constantly which is awesome. They keep more money in the community by using locally-owned vendors. For example, when they get scallops or fish from Chula Seafood you’ll see Chula’s name right there on the menu. They get their bread from Noble Bakery in Phoenix. Considering Dom knows all about meat from The Meat Market, you know that every cut is going to be absolutely perfect. There’s a lot of creative minds in the kitchen.

DIG Scottsdale Hush Public House Pan Seared Scallops
DIG Scottsdale Hush Public House pan-seared scallops, smoked romesco, olive tapenade and marinated fennel

I’ve been to Hush a handful of times and what has always struck me is the positive vibes in the restaurant. You will feel like you’re family. Your glass will never be empty for long. And more importantly, they’re never going to rush your entree when you’re still trying to enjoy your appetizers. The staff is very attentive and everyone will check up on you including Charles and Dom. The people at Hush are very engaging and happy to be there. No detail is too small. This is definitely an Instagram worthy spot.

DIG Scottsdale Hush Public House Peach Toast
DIG Scottsdale Hush Public House Peach Toast is where it’s at!

The Variety Of Food

Although I am not a vegetarian I did notice a lot of dishes that were vegetable-based that look appealing to me. I tried their roasted baby turnips which were delicious. The thing that makes this place so great is not just the energy but the fact that they try to include everyone, even crazy people who don’t like meat!

DIG Scottsdale Hush Public House Butcher's Country Pate
DIG Scottsdale Hush Public House country butcher pate with turmeric vegetables

Menu At Hush Public House

The menu changes frequently based on availability and what the chef feels like providing. For those of you wondering what the menu was like here it is:

  • Marinated olives and feta, preserved lemon, peperoncino, EVOO
  • Grilled blue point oysters, cooking sauce, butter, Grana Padano
  • Crab hush puppies, sweet corn remoulade, scallion
  • White bean hummus, toasted pine nuts, pecorino romano, gremolata
  • Chicken liver mousse, drunken cherries, grilled noble country bread
  • Hiramasa Crudo, Calabrian chill ponzu, basil, pistachio, crispy shallots
  • Halibut ceviche, roasted corn, buttermilk, aji Amarillo, Palisade peaches, corn nuts
  • Grilled double-cut meat market bacon, radishes, salsa verde
  • Salumi board, artisanal cheeses, dried fruit, nuts, grilled Noble country bread
  • Fried cauliflower, harissa, lime, cilantro, yogurt
  • Peach toast, house ricotta, hazelnut dukkah, Palisade peaches, local honey, mint
  • Fried green tomatoes, pickled shrimp, sauce gribiche, celery
  • Gem lettuce, smoked almond, grilled red onion, pecorino romano, preserved lemon vina
  • Grilled treviso, anchovy dressing, cured egg yolk, manchego, chives
  • Spaghetti alla chitarra, clams, cannellini beans, fermented chili, bottarga, breadcrumbs
  • Lobster Fra Diavolo, Sonoran Pasta Company casarecce, Bianco tomato, Calabrian chili, bone marrow
  • Italian beef, braised oxtail, smoked provolone, Chicago style giardiniera, brioche
  • Faroe Island salmon, crispy potato, twisted infusion mustard greens, haricot verts, olive
  • Roasted half chicken, swiss chard, wild mushrooms, Madeira jus
  • Pan-seared scallops, smoked romesco, olive tapenade, marinated fennel
  • Grilled Cedar River Farms prime NY strip, Frite Street fries, salsa verde, aioli
  • Date cake, bourbon toffee sauce, grateful spoon vanilla gelato
  • Chocolate budino, fresh whipped cream, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt
DIG Scottsdale Hush Public House Budino
DIG Scottsdale Hush Public House chocolate budino, fresh whipped cream, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt

Why Eating Local Is So F’ing Important

When you eat at Hush, not only are you helping the people with the primary jobs: servers, bartenders, cooks, kitchen staff. You’re also helping people with the secondary jobs: the accountant, graphics guy, restaurant suppliers. You’re also helping the people with tertiary jobs like the janitorial service the account uses. But Hush takes it a step further because they want to keep money in the community. The get sauce from Cutino Sauce in Phoenix, meat from The Meat Market in Cave Creek, amazing seafood from good ol Chula Seafood and the awesome Nelson’s Meat & Fish. Those gorgeous microgreens? They’re from Twisted Infusions in Glendale. The pasta for the lobster Fra Diavolo I had came from Sonoran Pasta Company. I already mentioned the bread is from Noble Bread in Phoenix. Hush gets their coffee out of Cave Creek from ROC2. They do some voodoo magic to their whiskey with the secret sauce from Little Miss BBQ. If that’s not enough to prove all the love they give back to the Valley, then check out all the local places Hush gets adult beverages from:

And if that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself, then maybe drinking their bottled water straight out of Sedona by Purely Sedona will. Everyone knows water from Sedona has gotta be blessed by gods, aliens or a vortex, right?

DIG Scottsdale Hush Public House T-Bird
DIG Scottsdale Hush Public House T-Bird Grapefruit Vodka, Basil, Citrus Cordial, Cointreau

What Does It Mean To Eat At Hush?

Having a meal at Hush means you like good food, sure. But if the people at Hush can randomly rattle off 20 different local vendors they use because they see them every single week, it means you’re making a difference in hundreds of people’s lives. The food you eat at Hush is valuable because it’s healthy, fresh and as local as they can get it.

Well-Deserved Recognition

I cannot express enough congratulations to these two entrepreneurs who created this restaurant for us. I wish them continued success. If you haven’t been to Hush Public House yet, stop what you’re doing right now and call and make a reservation. Keep in mind they are closed on Sundays and Mondays. which I think is really smart since it gives everyone a chance to regroup. One important note: when you go to Hush and find an item on the menu that you absolutely are in love with, I urge you to go back again very soon. The advantage of locally-owned restaurants is that the chefs have the freedom to change their menu as they see fit, no approving it with corporate, they do what they want! So maybe the dish you love so much won’t be on the menu the next time you go but then you get to try something new. This restaurant deserves your attention and you definitely should make it a point to check them out. When you go, tell them I said hey.