What’s Your Favorite Restaurant?

What is the best restaurant in Scottsdale? This is a question that’s asked all the time.  Ask your friend, your co-worker, the random person you met on your flight in, the front desk clerk at the hotel, your Uber driver and really just anyone who may have a recommendation. Where should you go for a great meal?

DIG Scottsdale finding the best restaurant recommendations
DIG Scottsdale restaurant recommendations

Searching For The Best Place To Eat

If you are a foodie, trying to find the best place for a bite to eat can be a daunting task, especially in a resort town like Scottsdale.  Often people are so afraid of being disappointed that they don’t try any place new and keep going to same places over and over again.  If you’re afraid to take chances, it’s OK, this article lists the most recommended restaurants in Scottsdale.

What Type Of Food Are You Looking For

Usually when people are searching for a new restaurant, they’re not necessarily looking for a particular type of a cuisine but a specific type of environment.  Some of the typical choices are:

  • A place for foodies that is super innovative and unusual
  • Locally owned restaurants, no chains
  • Upscale dining with excellent service
  • Great ambiance and fun atmosphere

How Do You Find The Perfect Restaurant

If you narrowed down all the things you really want in a restaurant you can create three broad categories:  innovative menu, consistently good experiences and a great atmosphere.  Everyone has an off night once in a while but to find a place that is always creating new menu items, that always has great service, perfectly prepared food and always has a great atmosphere is near impossible.

DIG Scottsdale Pick Two For The Best Restaurant
DIG Scottsdale – Pick Two When Finding A Restaurant

Most Recommended Restaurants in Scottsdale

Ask your Uber driver or fellow foodie what the 10 best restaurants in Scottsdale are and chances are at least half will be on this list.  The reason why your Uber driver knows is that night after night they pick up satisfied patrons raving about their meal.  After awhile it’s obvious those places are worth recommending. 

10 Scottsdale Restaurants You Must Try

Please note these are in alphabetical order.  It would be impossible to put them in most best to least best order. 😀

  1. Dominick’s Steakhouse
  2. Fat Ox
  3. Mastro’s City Hall
  4. Mastro’s Ocean Club
  5. Mission
  6. Obon Sushi
  7. Steak 44
  8. Sumo Maya
  9. True Food Kitchen
  10. Zinc Bistro

The Inside Scoop On The Recommendations

Not all of the restaurants on this list are locally owned but some places are too good not to mention.   All of these restaurants strive for consistently excellent service with top quality food in a great environment.  More often than not, you’ll hit the trifecta at these establishments.

Locally Owned

Fat Ox is extremely innovated with a lot of powerhouses in the kitchen. Obon Sushi not only has beautiful sushi but also has amazing ramen. 
Both locations of the Mission do an fabulous job of creating an exciting menu in a great environment. Zinc Bistro is truly a unique experience with such a fantastic atmosphere you will linger long after the food is gone.

Not Locally Owned

Both Domnick’s and Steak 44 have fantastic steak and (nearly?) identical menus but they are clearly very different restaurants because they’re in different parts of town.  The same goes of City Hall and Ocean Club, they’re sporting almost the exact same menu but the vibe at the two couldn’t be more different. True Food Kitchen has created such a cult following (even Oprah loves it) that it’s impossible not to list.  

Bottom Line

There are so many good restaurants in Scottsdale, it’s really difficult to pick just one.  But if you’re coming to Scottsdale for a trip, for heaven’s sake do not go to a restaurant that you have in your home town.  Try something new!