The Time To Grill Is Now

Unlike the rest of the country where grilling is par for the course during the summer months, in Scottsdale the time to grill is now.  Cooking over an open flame when it’s 100 million degrees outside is not all that awesome.  No one wants to gather around the grill to determine whether or not it’s time to flip the burgers.  Grilling is always good but kinda sucks when it’s so hot outside. 

DIG Scottsdale grilling in Arizona
DIG Scottsdale Grilling in Arizona in the Winter

Grilling in Arizona

Grilling in Scottsdale is different than grilling other places because there’s so many more days you can grill.  From October to May, the temperature is near perfect and, for the most part, there aren’t any pesky bugs flying around making al fresco dining the most fabulous way to eat. 

How To Grill Properly

Let’s say you have run across some beautiful meat and you suddenly remember the last amazing steak you had so you buy several steaks.  When you get home you realize, you’re never going to eat this much meat and it would be a shame to freeze it, so you start inviting people over.  How do you grill this meat properly is the question.

DIG Scottsdale meat and salt
DIG Scottsdale Season Meat Ahead of Time

Salt, Salt and Salt

First and foremost, you always must salt your meat.  There are several schools of thought on when to salt the meat.  Don’t salt more than 24 hours beforehand as the salt can draw moisture from the steak.  Salting generously before will enhance the meat’s own natural flavors. 

Fats For Flavor

On the grill, fat is your friend.  Having a heavily marbled meat is essential for great flavor.  What many people don’t realize is that before you put that meat on the grill, it should be covered in some type of fat.  Grass fed butter, olive oil, ghee and coconut oil are all options and it’s mainly a preference thing.  It’s critical to rub the meat in fat before cooking to gets a great flavor on the meat.

Cold Meat Is Not Good 

Pulling steaks from the fridge and plopping on the grill is the worst thing you can do.  Always make sure the meat has been sitting at room temperature for at least 30 minutes before putting on the grill.  This is another reason why grilling in Scottsdale during the cooler months is important.  Setting your foot on the counter in the summer months for too long is definitely not advised.

Get The Grill Super Hot

The best steaks are at least 1.5″ thick.  When the meat is thick, it makes grilling so much better.  There are two schools of thought on how to cook a steak properly, whether it should be over the flame or seared in .  DIG Scottsdale’s recommendation for grilling the perfect steak is to sear both sides first and then add the pepper.  Adding pepper before hand can cause the pepper to burn which is a very bitter taste.  Some people prefer to only used the freshly ground pepper after the cooking has been completed.

DIG Scottsdale rare steak
DIG Scottsdale rare steak

With Friends At Sunset

The best part of grilling is doing it with friends.  Time your grilling so that you will be sitting down to eat at sunset.  In October and November the skies start turning pinks and purples by 5:30pm.  This is a perfect way to end the day with a glass of wine, a meal and some laughter.