Have you been to Fat Ox?

If you wanted one foodie restaurant you MUST TRY while visiting Scottsdale, this would be the DIG recommendation.  Located on Scottsdale Road and Lincoln in Central-ish Scottsdale Fat Ox is a gem of a restaurant and a true delight on your palette.

Their happy hour or pappardelle hour, as they call it, is every day between 4:30pm and 6:30pm.  This is your chance to try many smaller sized portions of all their greatest hits.  Bring all your friends and try a bite of everything!

DIG Scottsdale Fat Ox Olives
DIG Scottsdale Fat Ox Marinated Olives in Castelvetrano, chilies, citrus

Pasta Made In House 

Numerous items on the menu are amazing but the one that stands out is the Rosso crest di Gallo with red wine, dandelion greens, duck sausage, mushroom and huckleberry.  Oh, that duck sausage is something to talk about.   Get one, split it with someone you like and order some other stuff too.

DIG Scottsdale Fat Ox Rosso Crest di Gallo
DIG Scottsdale Fat Ox Fat Ox Rosso crest di Gallo pasta with duck sausage

Nearly everything on the menu is impressive from the squid ink pappardelle to their twist on tiramisu with roasted banana, white chocolate and espresso gelato.  Many of the foods prepared are thoughtful and innovative and worth relishing.

DIG Scottsdale Fat Ox proscuitto
DIG Scottsdale Fat Ox Prosciutto San Daniele served with a ricotta crostini, hazelnut and truffle honey

Go on a busy night to get the best service and best offerings, if it’s slow, it’s possible you may be a little disappointed.  Not to worry though during the busy season there aren’t many slow nights so you’ll be fine. Fat Ox is definitely a must try place to try some of the best dining Scottsdale has to offer.  DIG it!