In the Valley of the Sun, reverse happy hour is everywhere.  Sometimes there’s just too much to do during the day to make it to happy hour. When the weather is gorgeous it’s hard to stop playing outside and relax.  

We have never heard of reverse HH

So you’re wondering just what the hell is a reverse happy hour?  You’re not alone.  Scottsdale is all about happiness and good times.  If there’s a way to make your world more enjoyable, this is the place to find it. 

DIG Scottsdale reverse happy hour
DIG Scottsdale Reverse Happy Hour is the last few hours a bar is open.


No, reverse happy hour is not some new tawdry sex position you haven’t heard of but may be curious to try.  

Reverse happy hour is like a regular happy hour except instead of it being at the beginning of the night it’s and the end.  Most reverse happy hours start at 9pm or 10pm and go until the restaurant or bar closes.

Who goes to reverse happy hour?

Literally, everyone can be found at reverse HH.  If you want to know who is who in the neighborhood, reverse happy hour is the place to be.  A lot of servers and bartenders will be there if their restaurant closed early, they need to unwind too. It’s a party, it’s a deal and it’s a divine way to end your day.  

Late Night Fun

Reverse Happy Hour is a great idea for a date, your Tinder match, hang out with your buddies or just to get a light bite to eat before heading home for the night.

There are plenty of late night places to go in Scottsdale for good vibes and good times.  Ask your favorite local place if they have a reverse happy hour so you can give them more business on a whim. 

Use #digscottsdale on the Gram when you’re sharing your happy times!