Bring Your Breakfast To A New Level

You’re not ready for this! To say that OEB is just a breakfast place is like saying the Grand Canyon is just a hole in the ground. This new North Scottsdale restaurant is a definite must if you’re looking for amazing food. While you can go for a classic breakfast it is anything but average. The classic breakfast on the menu is comprised of pasture-raised eggs with duck fat fried potatoes, double smoked bacon, rosemary ham, blueberry chicken bangers and toast. Did you get all that? I said twice-fried potatoes that are cooked in duck fat! If you’re going to make potatoes you should always use duck fat!

DIG Scottsdale OEB Breakfast Co buddha pig
Who doesn’t love a buddha pig?

Having Fun With Decor

The vibe at OEB is relax, have fun and don’t take life too seriously. The artwork throughout is light and humorous. I have seen a lot of buddhas, even one made our of disco mirrors but I have never come across a buddha pig! The bright colors, chalk walls, great lighting and light-hearted menu is sure to get you to your happy place right quick. But if you need more than that, they do serve alcohol!

DIG Scottsdale OEB Breakfast Co eclectic art cow
This colorful cow is an example of eclectic art throughout OEB.

Chef-Driven & Locally-Owned

If you read our blogs regularly you know how important it is to go to locally-owned businesses. OEB embraces everything that I love about local places. They have the freedom to be creative and use locally-owned vendors to keep more money in the community. Even though not all of their vendors are in Arizona, a good portion of them are!

DIG Scottsdale OEB Breakfast Co heirloom tomatoes
The tasty, organic heirloom tomatoes.

A Crazy Menu

Like any foodie, I studied the menu before I got to the restaurant and it’s a good thing too because there are more than 50 items. The problem is that each item sounds delicious. The eggs benedict at OEB are served on a butter croissant with brown butter hollandaise and duck fat fried potatoes. Sounds bomb, right? I had butter-poached lobster and shrimp scrambled eggs with green onions, brown butter hollandaise sauce and truffle pearls wrapped up in a crepe topped with a quarter ounce of sturgeon caviar. That had my name written all over it.

DIG Scottsdale OEB Breakfast Co lobster crepes with caviar
Beautiful lobster crepe with microgreens and caviar.

Outstanding Choices

Some of the other menu items that reached out and grabbed me were the duck confit and waffles, the hog and scallops and the pheasant mortadella with pistachios.  When you go, bring friends so you can try a bunch of items.

That Bold Vibe

If you’re wondering what OEB stands for it, it’s about heart and soul. The O is for outstanding people and let me say, Cassidy was our server and she was bright and helpful and the perfect amount of cheerful. The E is about embracing evolution meaning they are pushing boundaries in the culinary world. The B is for bold food integrity and the farm to table practice at OEB gives some exciting changes to the breakfast classics.

DIG Scottsdale OEB Breakfast Co Fill The Soul
This is the motto of OEB

Be Prepared To Be Surprised

OEB is unlike any other breakfast spot you have been before and is sure to become a huge local favorite. They’re only open til 2:30p but the doors are open every day and you should make it a point to visit!