Good Food Close To The Phoenix Open

The week of the Waste Management Phoenix Open is the busiest time of year to be in Scottsdale. The area around TPC golf course is full of restaurants which is advantageous for people in the know. The majority of tourists visiting Scottsdale for the week believe that Old Town is the only place to go. Some tourists also refer to this as “the entertainment district” (don’t sound like a moron, it’s Old Town).

DIG Scottsdale Parma focaccia
DIG Scottsdale Parma Focaccia Bread

Fine Dining Options Close To #thepeoplesopen

There are four areas that have a multitude of excellent restaurants near the golf course. You could call these open area shopping centers or strip malls or whatever but each of the areas has 10+ restaurants to choose from all in one parking lot.

The map below gives you an idea of where these places are which is about 2 miles from #wmpo. One other option that is about 6 miles away is High Street which has several upscale casual dining establishments and bars. You can also go to Sonora Village which besides a Best Buy there are a dozen chain restaurants including McDonald’s and Peter Piper Pizza.

DIG Scottsdale places to eat near the waste management phoenix open

How To Decide Where To Go

Making a decision on where to eat after watching golf all day is not always an easy task. You can also refer to our guide on the best bars in North Scottsdale. Here’s the skinny to help you out. If you want to be surrounded by beautiful people in a swanky place you can’t go wrong at Ocean Club. Make a reservation. Now. This is a chain restaurant but it is one of the most crowded and popular restaurants during the WMPO.

Fine Dining Near Phoenix Open

If you’re looking for a lot of options of great restaurants close to #wmpo your best bet is to go to either Scottsdale Quarter or Kierland Commons (see map above). At the Quarter, I highly recommend Dominick’s Steakhouse and Obon Sushi. At Kierland, I highly recommend Zinc Bistro and The Mission. Make reservations.

Casual Dining Near Phoenix Open

Scottsdale 101 has around 20 places to eat. Some are locally owned like Blue Agave and Cien Agaves and some are chains like Outback, Chic-Fil-A or Wendy’s. Your other option is the Scottsdale Promenade which also has 20+ places to eat. Most are casual like Meat The Ball or Original Chop Shop but there’s also a Capital Grille there.

DIG Scottsdale Hush Public House Lobster
DIG Scottsdale Hush Public House Lobster Fra Diavolo

Where To Eat That Isn’t Packed

Your best bet is to make friends with a local and go to their house for dinner! Hah. Seriously, every good restaurant is going to be packed and even the not so good restaurants will be busy. Stay in North Scottsdale to eat while you wait for the surge prices to drop.

Our Recommendation

Make reservations. Tip generously. Don’t be an asshole. Make friends. Enjoy yourself. Don’t drink and drive. Go to locally-owned restaurants. Eat early or eat late. We have reverse happy hour here too so you can get happy hour prices a couple of hours before closing.

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