It’s OK Foodies, Scottsdale Has A Culinary Scene

If you happen to be in Arizona for the Waste Management Phoenix Open and are wondering where to eat, we have you covered. The good news is that Scottsdale has a culinary scene. For all the foodies out there, don’t worry, we won’t steer you wrong.

DIG Scottsdale Where To Eat During WMPO
Scottsdale’s Culinary Scene Is On Point – Plenty of Place To Eat

Eat Near The Open Or Go Somewhere Else

The first question is geographically where do you want to eat? Newsflash the closer you are to The People’s Open the more crowded it will be. On the flipside, there are a lot of good restaurants near WMPO.

Places To Go In North Scottsdale

If you are staying near WMPO or Uber surges are out of control, your best bet to stay in North Scottsdale. A lot of visitors come from out of town and think that they want to stay in Old Town Scottsdale which is South. This is the busiest week of the year and if you don’t have a reason to go south, don’t go. The real story is there are more good restaurants in North Scottsdale than there are in Old Town. So don’t feel like you have to go down south to get a good meal because that isn’t the case.

The Truth About Scottsdale

If you want to break it down easily, North Scottsdale is more about being a resort town, centered around golf, spas, and good food. There are beautiful hiking trails and breathtaking sunsets, more golf courses than you can shake a stick at and some shopping. Old Town Scottsdale or South Scottsdale is known for the Entertainment District. If you want to get crazy, drink all night and hit some strip clubs, this is the place to go. It’s a lot of fun and a great place to be on the weekends. There are great places to eat as well like Dorian’s or Second Story Liquor Bar but eating is secondary to drinking in Old Town. I mean unless you really did just go there for a particular restaurant like Ocean 44 or Fat Ox, then who can blame you? The great news is that both North and South Scottsdale are great places to be and just have different vibes so you can’t go wrong no matter what you decide. To be fair, Old Town is really only 12-14 miles from the Phoenix Open but during this week, it could take 40+ minutes because of congestion.

Scottsdale Fairmont Princess

If you happen to be staying at the Princess, lucky you! Check out our page on staying at the Princess for a few more details. The truth is you can’t go wrong with any restaurant at the Fairmont Princess but it will be extremely crowded and who wants to wait that long? Need a happy hour nearby? We got you covered with 10 locally-owned bars near Princess.

Scottsdale Road & the 101

Your best bet for getting food after leaving the Open is to head north. The closer you get to the 101 and Scottsdale and north of there the better off you will be. You have a lot of great options that are not chains that are available to you. Whether you decide that you want to have fine dining, a sports bar or just a quick bite to eat you have everything you want in a 3 mile radius.

Eat Local

The 7000 Mayo boulevard complex which is at Scottsdale and the 101 has several decent restaurants that are locally owned as well as some of the old standby chains that some people seek out.

7000 Mayo Blvd

White Chocolate Grill has amazing food it’s a chain but it is not like a mega chain like Denny’s. Speaking of Denny’s this is where the good Denny’s is in the country. And when I say good Denny’s I mean they serve alcohol. If you want to get your drink on for some mimosas or late-night drinking until 2 a.m. Denny’s is the place to go believe it or not. This is an award-winning Denny’s with a beautiful design and way better than what you remember. You really should check it out, if only for your Gram.

Get Some Tacos!

There are a couple of Mexican restaurants with good tacos. One is named Blue Agave and the other is named Cien Agaves, which also has a sister restaurant in Old Town at Scottsdale and 1st Avenue. Both have great tacos and a great atmosphere. The tacos are very different so I suggest going to both and do a taste test!

Other Options In That Vicinity

If you are tired of golf you have a couple other options for entertainment: bowling at Bowlero and shooting which is at C2 Tactical. There’s also an Escape Room and a Harkins Theater in the complex. Don’t be fooled by the small looking footprint, the area is much bigger than anticipated. Across the way is a Whole Foods which also has a bar inside and a Gordon Biersch which has happy hour that starts at 3 p.m. and reverse happy hour that starts at 9 p.m.

Across Scottsdale Road from the Mayo complex are two chains. One is a local chain called Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers and the other one is Chicago based Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria.

Kierland Commons & Scottsdale Quarter

If you are at the Open and want fine dining close by your two best options are Scottsdale Quarter and Kierland Commons. Both shopping centers have more than a dozen restaurants to offer. A lot of chains but quite a few decent locally owned restaurants.


Great Locally Owned Restaurants

If you’re looking for locally-owned restaurants your best bets are Zinc Bistro at Kierland Commons, Obon Sushi at Scottsdale Quarter, the Mission at Kierland Commons or Sorso Wine Room at Scottsdale Quarter. because there are so many restaurants concentrated in such a small area expect long waits. Zinc and Mission are both amazballs.

North Of WMPO

If you want exceptional food that is a little further out our suggestion is to go north on either Scottsdale Road, Hayden Road or Pima Road (which is also Princess Road). Once you cross the 101 you have a multitude of good restaurant options.

At Thompson Peak and North Hayden you have a shopping center that has three restaurants in it. One is called Local Bistro which has great Mediterranean food: make reservations! There is also Pure Sushi which has a great happy hour starting at 3 p.m. and you have Juan Jaime’s which is a Mexican restaurant that is always full of locals. There’s also a grocery store called Fry’s which also has a wine bar inside. Never grocery shop sober!

Market Street At DC Ranch

If you go a little further east on the 101 to Pima it will take you towards DC Ranch. Market Street at DC Ranch has quite a few options as well. Liberty Station is fabulous and has great pulled pork sandwiches and wonderful deviled eggs. Another option across the way is the Living Room which also has a sister location in central Scottsdale at Gainey Ranch shopping center. There is also a place called All American Modern Sports Grill which has great food and alcohol and has a sister restaurant in Fountain Hills. Additionally in that shopping area is a few chain restaurants like the Herb Box, Flemings and Jalapeno Infernos.

North on Scottsdale Road

If you were to go north on Scottsdale Road you have quite a few hidden gems over by Sprouts. There is a new restaurant called Bourbon Cellar which has elk, venison and bison burgers plus amazing options on different cuts of meats. They also have a great wasabi deviled egg as well as bourbon infused pickles. Next door to the Bourbon Cellar is another Jalapeno Inferno, a high-end Mexican restaurant. Across the way, Sprouts is a chain restaurant called Eddie Merlot’s. That place is pretty good as well as a locally owned restaurant called PNPK Grill which offers great sliders, deviled eggs and cocktails.

If you want to go further north the Talavera at the Four Seasons is amazing as well as proof. Additionally, there is Mastro’s Steakhouse and Jade Palace Chinese restaurant. All great options.

Closer To WMPO

If you wanted to stay closer to the Phoenix Open you have a few options but expect them to be very crowded. In the big shopping complex at Frank Lloyd Wright and the 101 you have Four Peaks Brewery, Twin Peaks Brewery, OHSO Brewery and Skeptical Chemist which is an Irish pub. Next to Skeptical is a fantastic ramen place called Hot Noodles and Cold Sake. In that shopping center there are few other places but none that are really all that noteworthy.

The Choice Is Yours

This is just a quick summary of a few of the options all within a few miles of the Phoenix Open. In no way is it comprehensive but it should give you some choices in what to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner while you’re enjoying The Greatest Party on Grass. If you have any questions feel free to reach out here are on our Instagram at DIGSCOTTSDALE.