If You Find Yourself In Dallas

As wonderful as Scottsdale is, everyone has to travel sometime. Whether you are traveling for fun or business, if you find yourself in the Dallas area you need to look no further than the Frisco Star for some fine dining.

DIG Scottsdale Da Mario's Black Truffles on Parpadelle with wild boar
DIG Scottsdale Da Mario’s Black Truffles on Parpadelle with wild boar

Dallas Cowboys and the Frisco Star

The Star in Frisco is the Dallas Cowboy’s World Headquarters and is home to several bars and restaurants.  Da Mario’s is one of those restaurants and it is a place that everyone should experience. I was fortunate enough to actually get a tour of the kitchen by the chef Luigi Iannuario. 

DIG Scottsdale Da Mario's Frisco Texas Chef Luigi Iannuario
DIG Scottsdale Da Mario’s Frisco Texas Chef Luigi Iannuario

Welcome Home!

It is hard to say what greets you first: is it the amazing aromas coming from the kitchen or is it their fabulous hosts with mega-watt smiles? Regardless, you will feel like home when you walk into this fabulous eatery. 

DIG Scottsdale Da Mario's Frisco Texas Pale End of the Day
DIG Scottsdale Da Mario’s Frisco Texas Pale End of the Day

Signature Cocktails Abound

Their mixologists were hard at work coming up with fabulous cocktails. Drinks with names like Cardinal, Gato Amargo and Paper Plane, you know you have to try them all. You can even ask for their Negroni Cart to make your own cocktail. I had the Pale End of the Day which was a perfect mixture of sweet and tart with Vodka, contratto vermouth bianco and a pear liquer.

Da Mario’s Awesome Kitchen

Chef Luigi gave me a quick tour before the kitchen was busy.  They make everything here!  Every area smelled better than the one before.  From the hand made pasta, to the sourdough bread, to the wood-burning oven – it was quite a treat.  

The Food Is Bomb Dot Com

The Chef spent some time in Stresa which if you have never been to that part of Italy,  you should go for the olive oils alone. Stresa is a resort town on Lake Maggiore and I am convinced it is impossible to have a bad meal there; just like Da Mario’s. 

What To Order?

The menu has so many amazing dishes on it, it’s impossible to decide.  My suggestion is go with a lot of friends and order one of everything.  From the cured meats, to the cheeses to the honeys – the appetizers alone will put a smile on your face. 

The Cure? Cured Meats!

The cured meats board – Salumeria from Parma. These robust salumis are flavored with sea salt, black pepper and juniper berries and cure over 18-24 months. Da Mario’s Culatello is flown directly from Italy’s Param region.

Cheese and Honey Plate

While the cheese plate is to die for, what got my attention was the honeys. If this doesn’t make your mouth water, you may need to go see a doctor!

Sous-Vide Osso Bucco

Before I can even tell you about the pasta I have to tell you about the osso bucco!  Chef prepares his using the sous-vide method. What is sous-vide?  Sous-vide is French for under vacuum and cooking this way allows for food to be cooked at a precise temperature in a water bath meaning the food is cooked absolutely to perfection.  Needless to say, the Agnolotti di vitello filled with veal osso buco with bone marrow sage shallot butter was one of the best I’ve ever tasted.  Bone marrow is an acquired taste but this is worth trying.

So Many Pasta Dishes To Try

Cappellacci, flamming spaghetti, pappardelle, agnolotti or garganelli -which do you pick?  I opted to try a little bit of everything.   The pappardelle ragu di cinghiale barbera braised wild boar shoulder with Parmigiano Reggiano, ricotta salata was really amazing as was the cappellacci. It’s impossible to say which was the best one. Check out the videos on our Gram to see just how amazing everything looked.

DIG Scottsdale Da Mario's Frisco Texas gelato
DIG Scottsdale Da Mario’s Frisco Texas gelato

Special Gelatto and Tiramisu 

Just like you should never buy a nice handbag without the matching wallet, you also should never go to an amazing restaurant without sampling desserts.  Hands down my favorite was the olive oil gelato with balsamic vinegar.  The best olives make everything better. The presentation of the Tiramisu was outstanding as well. 

DIG Scottsdale Da Mario's Frisco Texas Beautiful Tiramisu
DIG Scottsdale Da Mario’s Frisco Texas Beautiful Tiramisu

The Star In The Frisco Star

No doubt about it, if you’re visiting Dallas, you have to go to The Star and checkout Da Mario’s.  You will feel like family and leave with a smile on your face!