BREAKING NEWS: This year you can not get Uber to and from the Phoenix Open. Uber will be operating out of Westworld which is a disorganized nightmare. Once you’re dropped off you will then be herded like cattle on shuttles to the Open. My suggestion is to get a limo service or Uber nearby and hoof it.

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The Most Unique Golf Tournament In The World

Even if you don’t like golf the Phoenix Open is a can’t miss. Every year all the cool kids come to Scottsdale for the Waste Management Phoenix Open. The date varies but the last day of WMPO is Superbowl Sunday so it’s easy to figure out. This year 700,000 people are expected to attend The People’s Open. That’s right, 700,000 people making it the most well-attended golf tournament in the world.

DIG Scottsdale Waste Management Phoenix Open
DIG Scottsdale Waste Management Phoenix Open No One Really Goes For The Golf

Who Cares About Golf?

While I realize it is a golfing tournament and there are probably some people that go to WMPO to watch golf. I have never met any of these people. I have been to The Open every year and would be hard pressed to tell you who won anything. So while you’re aware that golf is going on, it’s not the primary reason to go. I was never more aware of it than the first year when I was (as usual) improperly shod. Do not wear stilettos to a golf course unless you want to spend the day aerating the whole course. 😏

Are You Staying Near TPC Golf Course?

You should. The extra money you may spend will save your countless hours waiting in Uber lines and paying surge prices. If you stay at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess you will be able to walk to the event. Not only is this one of the best resorts in the Phoenix area, it’s conveniently located to boot. If you don’t want to eat and drink on property check out these 10 bars that are within a mile of the Princess.

A Party Centered Around Golf

The Phoenix Open is a week-long event over by TPC Stadium Course in Scottsdale. This year the tournament starts January 27th and ends on Superbowl Sunday February 2nd.

DIG Scottsdale WMPO Hole 16
Check out the beer cans that were thrown at Hole 16

How To Prepare For WMPO

The first thing to know is that there is a lot of drinking. When drinking there should be no driving. Every Uber, Lyft, limo and taxi driver is waiting to whisk you away from the Open so don’t bother driving there. It’s important to also note that every cop around town has gathered to help you make the right decision – don’t drink and drive.

  • Dress To Impress!
  • Don’t Wear Rompers (portable toilets get messy)
  • Do Wear Wedges or Boots: looking sexy is part of the scene
  • Be prepared for rain! The weather may cooperate but it USUALLY rains one day,
  • Wear Green on Saturday for ALL DAY GREEN OUT
  • Don’t Drink And Drive
DIG Scottsdale General Admission Tickets WMPO
General Admission Seating courtesy of

Calendar of Events


  • Practice Rounds for PGA TOUR pros only
  • 9:30a Coors Light Pro-Am, TPC Scottsdale Stadium Course


  • Practice Rounds for PGA TOUR pros only
  • 10:00a R S Hoyt, Jr. Family Foundation Dream Day Activities
  • Motivational Speeches by PGA TOUR Professionals
  • Trick Shot Show
  • Junior Golf Clinic Presented by PING
  • Located on the TPC Scottsdale Champions Course Practice Range
  • 11:00a San Tan Ford Special Olympics Open. Located at the TPC Scottsdale Stadium Course Putting Green, the Special Olympics Open features Special Olympian athletes, celebrities or sports stars and business leaders from the community. The event is open to all ticket holders and media and lasts about an hour.


Wednesday is my favorite day to go to #thepeoplesopen because you’ll see football players like Emmitt Smith playing golf. This is the time when you will hear names that you recognize outside of golf. It’s a pretty chill day and helps you prep for the week ahead!

DIG Scottsdale WMPO Emmitt Smith
Pretty sure this is the only golfer I know – Emmitt Smith. Go Cowboys!


This is the first day of the golf tournament. The golfers are serious and the partyers are serious-er! All bets are off on the drinking. Don’t plan to be sober for the next four days.

  • 7:30a Waste Management Phoenix Open 1st round
  • 3:30p Coors Light Birds Nest entertainment tent opens


Lots of people take off from work to attend the tourney on Friday because they want to avoid going on the weekend. People mistakenly think it will be less crazy on Friday. It’s not. WMPO is just as insane on Friday as it is on Saturday, trust me!

  • 7:30a Waste Management Phoenix Open 2nd round
  • 3:30p Coors Light Birds Nest entertainment tent opens


This day is a shit show and must be attended at least once in your life. It’s so much fun! Everyone has lost their minds, no one wears enough clothing, Hole 16 is out of control and usually, it’s rainy so there’s lots of mud. The whole day is a complete blast, from people watching, streakers, antics, people in costumes and if you watch closely you will probably see a hole in one. Embrace the chaos and enjoy yourself and you will have plenty of stories later.

  • ALL DAY GREEN OUT: Wear green to support the zero-waste efforts of the tournament.
  • 9:00a Waste Management Phoenix Open 3rd round
  • 3:30p Coors Light Birds Nest entertainment tent opens


Sunday is also a great day to go because a lot of people partied too much the day before. There are lots of bloody Mary’s being consumed but people are still having a great time. In recent years Sundays have become a big party day because people are still up from the night before after partying in Old Town.

  • 9:00a Waste Management Phoenix Open 4th round
  • Then it’s time for Super Bowl festivities elsewhere
DIG Scottsdale bloody mary wmpo
Make your world better and load up on bloody Mary’s

Enjoy Yourself

Whether you like golf or don’t, forget your preconceived ideas about the sport and go see the show. Everyone has to do go to Waste Management Phoenix Open at least once. It’s a super fun time with 700,000 other people. If you do it right, you’ll have a fabulous time and you will leave with a smile on your face and some funny ass stories to tell your friends that are back home freezing in the snow.

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