Time To Get Crazy

If you’re looking for a wild time on any given weekend, Old Town is the place to go.  It’s not the only place to go but there are a tremendous amount of bars packed in a very small area.  Think of it like Vegas, Jr it’s perfect for a great time but unlike Las Vegas there are no drinks after 2am.  

DIG Scottsdale great bars and cocktails
There Is Always Time For Cocktails In Scottsdale

When To Go

Old Town gets started around 10:30pm-11pm on Friday night and Saturday nights.  Most clubs open around 10pm and their dress code is very lax compared to other big cities.  Wear basic club attire, dress to impress and you’ll be fine in most cases. You can get into some places wearing shorts, t-shirts, sneakers or hats but you have limited your options.

DIG Scottsdale Old Town Three Wisemen Miss Ally Spoon
Check out @missallyspoon to book a table anywhere in Old Town

See And Be Seen

Beautiful people: This is where you want to be to party the night away.   Nightclubs are always changing, opening, closing, rebranding, remodeling but here’s a quick list:  Three Wisemen, Bottled Blonde, Maya Day & Nightclub, INTL and Mint are good choices for different vibes. The places that are more chill are as follows:  Pretty Please Lounge, Riot House, Blind Dragon and Wasted Grain. Your best bet is to contact a VIP host to book a table.

Dive Bars

The spots that are just fun dive bars are listed here but these are just some suggestions, there are plenty of other bars. Check back frequently as we write up each bar individually:  Boondocks, Hi-Fi, Whiskey Row, El Hefe, Good Wood, DJ’s, Dakota’s, Giligin’s, Patti’s First Ave Bar, Rockbar and Social Tap.

DIG Scottsdale Old Town Map
A sample map of some of the bars in Old Town

How To Get Around

Here’s what you want to know: most of the clubs are within blocks of each other.  If you’re not wearing your walking shoes, there are lots of golf carts that can take you from one club to another and Uber is everywhere. 

How To Beat The Surge

With so many bars in such a small space, expect to pay a surge for Uber and Lyft. Do not drink and drive. This is a zero-tolerance state and you will get a DUI. To beat the surge ou basically have 2 choices: 1. Call your Uber at 1am or 2. Do like everyone else does and get something to eat at Joe’s Pizza.

Where To Get Picked Up

When it is time to go home, do yourself (and your Uber driver) a favor and get off of the Saddlebag/Buckboard/Shoeman vortex. Go to an easier place to be picked up.  #1 best place is on the backside of the Mint, #2 best place is at Boondocks and #3 best place is at the W hotel.  Just walking to Camelback Road is not a bad idea but there’s no place to stop and it’s hard to tell your driver where you are standing plus the cops want to keep the traffic flowing.  For your convenience here’s a map to show you just where to go! Look for the three red stars to show you where to head for pickup. 

DIG Scottsdale Old Town Scottsdale Uber Pickup location
DIG Scottsdale Best Places to Get an Uber in Old Town

Don’t Forget To Drink Water

Scottsdale is beautiful but we are still in the desert. Don’t be the idiot that flies into town, parties all night and thinks hiking Camelback in the morning is the way to go. Our mountain rescue teams are awesome but prevent problems and drink double the water you normally would in your home town.