Picking The Best Places To Eat 

Choosing a place to eat can be a point of frustration for foodies.  It is often difficult to decide what you want to eat: seafood, sushi, steak? What price point? What part of town?  DIG can’t make those decisions for you but we can give you a list of places you must try.

Eat Local Whenever Possible 

At DIG Scottsdale, we want to promote locally owned businesses but to make this post more complete, this one is an exception.  We don’t have anything about corporate chains but when you eat local it’s better for everyone, including our local economy.

DIG Scottsdale Foodie Guide to the best places to eat
DIG Scottsdale Foodie Guide to the best places to eat

Fine Dining With Sweet Ass Happy Hour Deals

If you’re on a budget, but want some high end fare, happy hours are your friend.  There are quite a few places that offer some serious deals.  Some restaurants offer happy hour every day, some just during the weekdays and some even have stellar reverse happy hour options.  No happy hour list would be complete without mentioning Dominick’s Steakhouse.  The secret is out and people flock to this amazing happy hour every weekday.  Quite possibly one of the best deals in town. Other places to consider are:

  • Local Bistro
  • Sushi Brokers
  • Toro Rum Bar
  • White Chocolate Grill
DIG Scottsdale Best Sushi Places To Eat
DIG Scottsdale Best Sushi Restaurants

Best Sushi In Scottsdale

Not a chance.  There’s no possible way to name just one good sushi restaurant.  Here are some to consider, however.  Obon Sushi in the Scottsdale Quarter is amazing and they offer ramen too.  Roka Akor is amazing.  The presentation, the freshness and the ambiance are all off the charts.  Totally check out their Instagram feed for some mouth-watering pictures.  Sushi Roku in the W is also pretty damn good plus you’re already in Old Town so after a few sake bombs you’ll be ready to party it up.  Neat enough all three of these sushi places have great happy hour options. Other places to consider for good sushi are:

  • RA Sushi 
  • Pure Sushi
  • Nori Sushi
  • Sushi Brokers

Best Seafood Restaurants in Scottsdale

You would think being in the desert there would be a shortage of good seafood.  Scottsdale not only has an aquarium but you can swim with the dolphins! So technology levels the playing field.

DIG Scottsdale best seafood
DIG Scottsdale Best Seafood In Town

Locally Owned vs Not

For great seafood, you have many options such as Ocean 44, Ocean Club, Eddie V’s Prime Seafood, Chula Seafood and Coconuts Fish Cafe.  Which one is best? Impossible to say.  Here’s a great way to decide where to go though.  Both Chula and Coconuts opened in 2009 and are family-owned.  Coconuts opened their doors in Scottsdale in 2013, all fish is from Hawaii.  Their vibe is fun and cool.  It’s easy, breezy and you may walk out saying Aloha! Chula opened their location in Scottsdale in 2015. They still have their location in San Diego but they service the need for fresh fish in the desert with great flare!  Both Coconuts and Chula are friendly and easy on the wallet.  Their owners live here in Arizona. 💖 Ocean 44 is locally owned and opened in December 2018 and is an instant favorite for me!

Corporate Chains

Ocean Club is owned by the Mastro’s Restaurants which has a multitude of high-end fine dining restaurants all over the US.  Their service is outstanding and the presentation is sure to wow you.  The food is amazing for sure. Eddie V’s is part of the Darden Restaurants which own Capital Grille and Olive Garden. Eddie V’s located in the Scottsdale Quarter has an almost cult-like following.  Both of these corporate-owned restaurants are fantastic but no one would consider them budget friendly. 

Best Steak In Scottsdale

That’s easy.  Just go to Dominick’s Steakhouse in Scottsdale Quarter.  There are a ton of good places to get great steak, if you want the best in Scottsdale go to Dominick’s and sit upstairs by the pool and watch the sunset while getting amazing service.  You can’t go wrong.  If you’re not in North Scottsdale, their sister restaurant Steak 44 is fabulous.

To Be Continued… 

Check out the next foodie post which is Part 2 in the guide to the best foodie places to eat in Scottsdale.  Part 2 covers the best Mexican Food, best brunch places, best Italian food and best burgers.