Finding The Best Restaurants In Scottsdale


To help you decide on a new place to eat, DIG Scottsdale has scoured the city to find some great places to recommend.  See Part 1 of the Foodies Guide To the Best Places to eat for the other recommendations.  The are plenty of top ten lists out there.  Yelp even lists their best restaurants which are updated daily but how consistent those ratings are is unknown.


Eat Local When Possible


These restaurants are, for the most part, locally owned.  DIG Scottsdale is all about promoting the locally owned business and helping their owners thrive.  But there are quite a few corporate owned restaurants listed because the list would be incomplete otherwise. 


DIG Scottsdale Best Burgers
DIG Scottsdale Best Burgers


Best Burger In Scottsdale


There are so many amazing burger joints in Scottsdale, this question is completely a matter of opinion.  Everyone has a different idea of what makes a great burger.  In fact, there is such fierce competition for the title of best burger that your best bet is to attend the upcoming 8th Annual Burger Battle.  The Burger Battle kicks off the Scottsdale Culinary Festival.  There are a few places you can go without hesitation and have an amazing burger:



Best Foodie Restaurants In Scottsdale


There is a category just for foodies.  This means that this is a restaurant that’s all about innovation and creativity.   There are a lot of places that fall into these categories but our recommendations are these to tey one of these places: Ocean 44Fat Ox, Dorian, Hush Public House or Second Story Liquor Bar.



Scottsdale Does Brunch Well


Trying to decide the best place for brunch is almost as overwhelming as picking out who has the best burger.  As with most metropolitan areas, there are two types of brunch out there.  You can have the fancy, classy elegant brunch or you can have unlimited alcohol and food with is probably how the term Sunday Funday was created in the first place.  How Scottsdale is different is that the weather is glorious here and you tend to linger a bit longer than you would someplace else.  Imagine a beautiful patio, with upbeat music, happy atmosphere, champagne flowing, glorious weather surrounded by a gorgeous desert backdrop.  That’s brunch in Scottsdale.


DIG Scottsdale Troon North Four Seasons Dining Al Fresco
DIG Scottsdale Troon North Four Seasons With Beautiful Al Fresco Dining


Upscale Brunch With Views


For great views and an upscale brunch, head to the resorts.  Scottsdale is home to some amazing resorts including Troon North, Boulders, Fairmont Princess, The Scottsdale at McCormick Ranch, Westin Kierland and the Hyatt Regency at Gainey Ranch.  While it’s difficult to pick the best resort because they all have their only feel and vibe, Troon North, a Four Seasons Resort, has a breathtaking view of the landscape. 


DIG Scottsdale Champagne pouring
DIG Scottsdale Champagne Flows At Scottsdale Brunches!


Get Bottomless in Scottsdale


If you want a crazy, sexy fun brunch in Scottsdale with bottles popping, WE GOT YOU.  Whether you are here for a bachelorette party or you have a bunch of friends in town and are in the mood to get that weekend vibe swinging, Scottsdale has a lot of great options for a brunch like no other.  The top recommendations would be, in no particular order, SumoMaya, Hash Kitchen, RnR, Weft & Warp,  OHSO, Local Bistro and The Living Room.  SumoMaya has an amazing brunch and Hash Kitchen has a 60+ ingredient build your own bloody bar.


So Many Places To Go 


No matter what part of Scottsdale you’re in, whether all the way south in Old Town or way up north 25+ miles away by the Boulders, you have a variety of choices for every budget and every taste.  There are plenty of views and sites to see along the way.  There’s some real culinary talent in Scottsdale and between this post and Part 1 of the Foodies Guide, you should be able to find something great.