How To Pick Where To Go

Las Vegas vs Scottsdale? Scottsdale vs Las Vegas?  How to pick.  You’re itching to go someplace for the weekend and everyone screams out Vegas, baby! and you’re pumped.  The strip.  The casinos.  The night clubs. The…. sigh. It’s all the same stuff.

DIG Scottsdale Las Vegas Strip – bright lights

Been There Done That? 

We’re not saying that Scottsdale is Vegas.  Many people have referred to Scottsdale as Las Vegas Lite.  But, my friends, Scottsdale is anything but Lite.  Scottsdale is not Vegas.  If you want a weekend of gambling and Cirque du Soleil, by all means, go to Vegas. If you want a weekend of gambling, nightclubs, good meals, hikes, sunsets, golf, festivals and bottomless mimosas at brunch, come to Scottsdale.

DIG Scottsdale sunset in the desert with saguaro cactus

What’s Good About Scottsdale

If you’re wanting to get out of some nasty winter weather, chances are the weather in Scottsdale is looking damn near amazing and where you are, not so much.  Yeah, sure, the weather isn’t bad in Vegas either, but who goes to Vegas for the weather? No one. But there’s a zillion reasons to come to Scottsdale from motorcycles to golf to hanging in a backyard like atmosphere.

DIG Scottsdale Harley Davidson World's Largeset Dealership in the World
Scottsdale is home to the biggest Harley Davidson In The World

Come to Scottsdale for the Weather

You know what 80° days in October mean? Perfect days for golfing.  Beautiful sunrises hiking.  Strolling around shopping in outdoor malls, mixed with afternoon cocktails having a leisurely, lovely day.  Are you doing that in Vegas? No.  

Scottsdale Has Stars

Vegas may have more celebrities (debatable) but Scottsdale has more stars.  Because of the light ordinances, the night sky is always visible.  You will see gorgeous sunsets and shooting stars.  It’s a great place to share a bottle of wine with your cuddle buddy and relax and unwind.

DIG Scottsdale Saguaro Cactus at Sunset in the Desert

Come Here For The Food

Sure, Las Vegas offers lots of world-class restaurants but Scottsdale has quite a few places for foodies.  But during busy season Scottsdale boasts more culinary, wine, beer and food festivals than you can visit.  The weather is so nice and the scenery is so beautiful, no one wants to be inside. 

DIG Scottsdale Parma octopus
DIG Scottsdale Parma Grilled Spanish Octopus

Scottsdale For Sports

The Phoenix metro area is one of the few cities that has a team in every sport.  In the month of October, you can see professional football, basketball, baseball, hockey and soccer.  Of course, Arizona is also home to the Cactus League Spring training at ten stadiums.  That’s right TEN stadiums.  Two of the stadiums are right in Scottsdale with the others scattered around the Phoenix metro area. 

Scottsdale For The Win

If you have never been to Vegas, by all means, go.  What’s not to love about complete and utter debauchery for 72 hours straight?  But if you want to try some other stuff besides gambling (there are a half dozen casinos in the Phoenix metro area with Talking Stick as a clear favorite), then try out Scottsdale. The nightlife is mind boggling but the day life is all about beauty and variety.  You will run out of time before you run out of things to do.