A Course A Week

Golf: love it or hate it – Scottsdale is all about it.  Scottsdale is 31 miles north to south covering 184 square miles and a lot of that land is made up of amazing golf courses.  There are 51 golf courses in Scottsdale comprising the 220 courses in the Phoenix Metro area.

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When To Golf In Scottsdale

Every day.  That’s the answer.  You can golf in Scottsdale almost every day of the week, every week of the year.  The weather in Scottsdale is pretty awesome so chances are you can try a new golf course every week for a year and hit them all!  It does get hot in the summer so really the best time to get started is October to May.  

DIG Scottsdale Golf Course Map in Arizona
DIG Scottsdale Golf Course Map in Arizona

Best Golf Course in Scottsdale

Everyone has their own opinions on this and what’s best for one person may not be best for another.  You have golf courses with wildlife! Golf courses that are close by.  Golf courses that are breathtaking.  And golf courses that people flock to for tournaments. 

  • Stadium Course – https://tpc.com/scottsdale/stadium-course/
  • Raptor Course – https://grayhawkgolf.com/golf/raptor-course/
  • Scorecard – http://www.kierlandgolf.com/scorecard/

Enjoy The View

Check out @standbygolf ‘Gram account to see just how beautiful the courses are here.   If you’re not a golfer but you are visiting Scottsdale at the end of January/beginning of February, attending the Waste Management Phoenix Open is not an option – it’s a MUST DO.