Scottsdale Sunsets Are Breathtaking

No matter where you are or what you’re doing in Scottsdale the sunsets demand your attention.  Regardless of the time of year, unless it’s monsoon season and the storm has blocked the scene, the sunsets are something to behold.  

DIG Scottsdale Sunsets
DIG Scottsdale Sunsets – Beautiful Desert Skies

If you happen to be a body of water like a lake or pool the view is even more spectacular.  So whether you’re in a car driving, in your Uber, walking the dog or enjoying a happy hour, pause your conversation to admire the view. 

DIG Scottsdale sunset pool
DIG Scottsdale Sunsets Poolside 

If there’s anything you absolutely must see while you’re in Scottsdale is the sun setting against the desert backdrop.  The best places to watch the sunset is North Scottsdale all the way up by Troon.  The sun reflects off the mountains and because there’s not as much development up that way the Saguaro cactus are very tall there.  The cactus silhouettes against the deep pink and coral sky is something to behold. 

DIG Scottsdale city limits map
DIG Scottsdale city limits – much of Scottsdale is north of the 101

Please note that much of Scottsdale is north of the 101 Loop.  The further you go north, the prettier the view gets and it’s worth taking a driver (or an Uber) up to just do some sightseeing at Four Seasons at Troon North or The Boulders hotels or golf resorts.