What Is Reverse Happy Hour

DIG is all about promoting local businesses and keeping you away from chains to try some local flavor but there are a few exceptions and Mellow Mushroom is one of them.  You must try their reverse happy hour! Yes, their food is good and they have great pizza options but that’s not why Mellow is such a big favorite.  Mellow Mushroom’s kitchen is open until 1am every night.

DIG Scottsdale Mellow Mushroom happy hour meatballs
DIG Scottsdale Late night meatballs at Mellow Mushroom on High Street

Late Night Food

That’s right! You can get something to eat late at night but not only that, you can save money while doing it.  Their reverse happy hour starts at 10pm and goes until close! The meatballs are really filling and are great if you’re craving some late night meat or if you’re just needing some protein after a late night workout.

Lively Evenings

A lot of service industry people end stop in at Mellow after they get off work so the crowd is usually lively and a lot of fun. If you’re at Mellow Mushroom earlier in the day, do check out all that High Street has to offer.  Blue Martini Lounge, Torch Cigar Bar, La Bocca, Growler, Kona Grill, Firehouse Subs, Modern Margarita and more are all on one block!