Lively Late Nights

If you’re looking for a place to get a drink when seemingly every place else is closed in North Scottsdale, Juan Jamie’s, or JJ’s as the locals call it, is the place to go.  Located in the Fry’s parking lot at Thompson Peak and North Hayden, Juan Jamie’s is a definitely a local favorite.

While Juan Jamie’s isn’t really a dive bar in the true sense of the word, it is a dive bar in that you can show up wearing whatever you want and you won’t feel out of place.  Whether you’re coming back from the gym, just decided to get off your sofa for a beer before retiring for the night or coming back from a charity gala, you’ll fit right in at JJ’s. 

DIG Scottsdale Juan Jamies blurry rainbow shot
Yes, we know it’s blurry, it was one of those kind of nights.

Besides feeling welcome, the other great things about Juan Jamie’s is they’re open every day 11am-2am and they also have happy hour EVERY day from 4pm-8pm!  Their tacos and nachos hit the spot and the bartenders Martin and Brandon will totally take care of you.  

Stay awhile.  Leave your mark with a dollar bill on the wall.  Tip generously.  Mingle on the patio.  Meet a new friend.  Or…. if it’s not too busy you can buy a round of rainbow shots for your new friends.