Want to know what you must try while you’re in Scottsdale? This is the section that is all about what you absolutely must try when you’re in Scottsdale.  You know how when your best friend says they went somewhere and had the best experience?  DIG is your new best friend.  Whether it’s the best stylist at a salon, the best drink at a bar or the best dish on a menu, the Must Try section is what you want to check out first!

Must Try Restaurants

DIG will cover restaurants you must check out when you’re in the mood for something salacious.  There are a lot of great restaurants in Scottsdale but we try our best to only recommend locally owned ones.  Local businesses need our support!

DIG Scottsdale Zinc Bistro side of macaroni and cheese with country ham

Must Try Dishes

Have you ever come back from shopping at Trader Joe’s and your friend excitedly asks you if you got some unbelievable item.  You didn’t even know the item existed and now you’re sad that you didn’t get it.  Don’t ever be that person who didn’t try the best item on the menu.  DIG Scottsdale will rave about the items that are too tantalizing to pass up.