How To Have A Great Time In Scottsdale

Scottsdale is a great place to visit or live. It’s a resort town, desert setting, fantastic restaurants, a plethora of golf courses, beautiful people as far as the eye can see, amazing weather and on top of all that it’s clean and safe.  The way Scottsdale stays such a nice place to live is everyone is fairly courteous and respectful plus no one litters. Seriously, throw your trash in a bin.

Don’t Drink & Drive: Arizona is a Zero Tolerance State. Scottsdale, especially.

1. Get Behind The Wheel

The main thing you don’t want to do in Scottsdale is drink and drive.  We hope you don’t drink and drive anywhere but especially in Arizona.  For the most part, the Scottsdale Police are nice, fair and friendly. They see a lot of shenanigans on the weekends in Old Town and put up with the insanity in North Scottsdale during Barrett Jackson, Russo & Steele and WMPOScottsdale PD keeps everything running smoothly. Everyone wants everyone else to have fun but let’s all try to be safe.

DIG Scottsdale Recommends Getting Uber To Go Anywhere Especially When Drinking

Do not drink and drive here.  Not one beer, glass of wine, shot, cocktail, martini.  Just don’t do it.  Uber is everywhere and it’s cheap and easy.  Even if you blow a 0.051, you can get a DUI.  Zero tolerance means zero tolerance. 

2. Forget Where You’re Going

If you have been drinking and now you are walking around with a full bladder, find a toilet. Don’t pee in public. Do not pee behind a bush, in a parking lot, in an alley, behind a dumpster or anywhere else outside. Not finding a proper place to relieve yourself can land you in jail and possibly require you to register as a sex offender for indecent exposure.

3. Drink Like A Fish

And finally, the one thing you absolutely do not want to do while you’re in Scottsdale is to forget to hydrate!  Drink water.  Drink it morning, noon and night.  Drink it while you’re outside, inside or driving around.  Hydrate: this is the desert, drink more water – you’ll thank us!

We Suggest You Follow The Police

Follow the Scottsdale Police twitter account @scottsdalepd for updates on incidents and events around Scottsdale. This account gives you an idea about what’s going on around the Scottsdale area. When you go out for a drink, seriously, just do Uber. And, if you’re still reading at this point, my brother was killed by a drunk driver.