Make A Resolution: New Year’s Eve In Scottsdale

While every New Year’s Eve is a fabulous time for celebrating, this one seems particularly sweet. Are you wondering what to do to bring in the New Year? When it comes to celebrating New Year’s Eve, Scottsdale is not like other cities.  The Phoenix Metro area is so spread out there are seemingly unlimited options available.

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How’s The Weather In Scottsdale On New Year’s Eve?

Obviously, no one can predict the weather months in advance so all we can do is rely on historical data.  New Year’s Eve is almost always great with little to no wind so you don’t have to worry about messing up your hair.  It’s most likely not going to be raining.  The humidity in the desert is usually on the low side so you can expect it to be around 10-25% humidity.  And the one thing we can almost guarantee is that it won’t be snowing, but never say never.

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Temperature In Scottsdale On New Year’s Eve

This is the desert and it does get cold in the winter.  Well, cold relatively.  If you’re from Minnesota or Canada or Denver or back East you will heartily laugh at what passes for winter in Scottsdale.  What this means is it’s OK to dress to impress, the weather isn’t going to ruin your outfit or those amazing shoes. Although in 2019 Scottsdale did get hit with 9 inches of snow in February, that’s unusual though.

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Perfect Weather In Scottsdale

Based on the historical data, you can bet on it being in the high 30s by midnight but still warm enough during the day to get out and do something like brunch or a pub crawl. There are lots of fun things to do during the day in January.

Where To Go For New Year’s Eve In Scottsdale

When it comes to NYE you have a few options: stay in and hang out with friends (boring), go to one of the many restaurants offering a New Year’s Eve prix fixe meal and toast in 2022 that way, bar hop Old Town, get a table at a club or go to one of the big events.  This year, I would opt for big events. It’s a whole new world out there. This is not the year to go low-key after being stuck at home during the quarantine last year.

New Year’s Eve At The Princess

Each year the Fairmont Princess does a bang-up job with a themed event, beautiful grounds, Insta-worthy backgrounds, DJ and fireworks. This year’s theme hasn’t been announced yet but it will certainly be over the top. All the decorations will still be up from Christmas which is a sight to behold. They have over 6 million lights put up and ice skating rinks, ferris wheel, carousel and all the holiday spirits you want. 

Gamble While Partying

Change up your plans and gamble at Talking Stick Resort to close out the decade. Something that’s never a gamble is how much fun you’ll have at Raven Events.  Raven throws great parties and events all year but her New Year’s Eve Gala is a can’t miss. Top Golf is also hosting a New Year’s Eve event.  If you want to go to another party at TSR casino, Mirror Ball is always a great option too.  There’s nothing wrong with party hopping!

NYE 2022 In Old Town Scottsdale

Practically every club in Old Town will have a special event happening for New Year’s Eve.  Your best bet is to contact a VIP host and tell them what you’re looking for so you can find the right event for you and your squad.  Get an All-Access Pass and bar crawl through 8 different venues in Old Town with drink specials. The W Hotel in Old Town is a great scene and they’ll be hosting the Genesis New Year’s Eve Party with a W drop at midnight and fireworks. If you’re in downtown Phoenix, Golden Margarita is going to be a hot spot and a lot of fun. If you’re in Tucson or just want to see something a little different, check out the Taco Bell NYE Downtown Bowl Bash and watch the taco drop at midnight.

Big Events For NYE In Scottsdale

There are a lot of big events happening in Scottsdale for New Year’s Eve.  Come back to this page for additional events as they are announced. We update daily in December. If crazy parties, taco drops or bar crawls aren’t your thing, class it up with the Phoenix Symphony’s new year’s eve celebration with Leslie Odom, Jr or have a prix fixe dinner at Eddie V’s or Toca Madera

Snow In The Desert

Fun for the whole family, the Phoenix Zoo brings in 30 tons of snow for the kids. While it’s not in Scottsdale, definitely worth checking out. Also worth checking out are the holiday events at Butterfly Wonderland and the Aquarium but not specifically for New Year’s Eve.

More Events To Come

Most establishments don’t start announcing their events until mid-November. Check here frequently for more information, this page will be updated weekly.