In the desert, it’s good to have options indoors.  It’s also good to have wine. A lot people that visit Scottsdale from another state spend time looking for a liquor store.  We have liquor stores, but you don’t have to go there to buy your libations.  

Where can you buy alcohol?

DIG Scottsdale Fry’s Signature Elevate Wine Bar Cheese Board

There are many places to buy alcohol besides the liquor store.  Some of the more unusual places to buy drinks are as follows:

Our gas stations have goodies

The biggest surprise for many travelers is the fact that most gas stations sell wine and beer.  Some also sell liquor.  The Jackson’s gas station typically has a large selection of fine wines and also has some fine foods for snacks like mousse and crudité. So while you’re stopping in for gas, you can pick up snacks for your unexpected guests, wine, a car wash, lottery ticket and something for your sweet tooth.

DIG Scottsdale gas station wine and other goodies

One stop shopping

Although there are many states that you will allow you to buy some type of alcohol at the grocery store, in Arizona you can buy wine, beer and liquor at the grocery store.  And you can buy it on Sunday. And you can buy it up until 2am (if your grocery store is open). 

Convenience stores

You can buy wine and beer at many of our local convenience stores.  The same rules apply as the grocery store.  You can buy wine, beer and liquor at the convenience stores and grocery store from 6am-2am every day of the week. Circle K and the QT are great options for picking up some beer before the game.

Our movie theaters are fancy

In Scottsdale and many surrounding towns, the movie theaters do not disappoint.  They’re always cold, open early and close late. The movies theaters in Scottsdale probably aren’t like the ones you’re used to back home – they’re swanky!

DIG Scottsdale iPic Scottsdale Quarter Movie Theater

Movie theaters like iPic in Scottsdale Quarter and Studio Movie Grill on North Hayden combine dinner and the movie with seat-side service. Craving a lobster roll while watching The Meg? Just hit your call button and your iPic attendance will bring your dinner and another cocktail.

The seats are plush and the chaise lounges keep you comfortable. Grab an Uber, load up on cocktails and cuddle up.  Having wine with movies is a great way to make that second date way less awkward!

Secret Wine!

The number one secret place to have a drink is actually at the grocery store.  Many high end grocery stores including Fry’s Signature, AJ’s Fine Foods and Whole Foods have wine and beer bars inside the bar. 

At Fry’s Signature, you can visit the Elevate wine bar and try cheeses, honeys and jams while you’re enjoying new wine or a local craft brew.  AJ’s has a sushi bar attached to their wine bar.  Whole Foods has a grill that will whip up something delightful to eat while you try a nice wine.