Arizona Restaurant Week is only one week long and sometimes trying to decide whether to go can be overwhelming.  Luckily Arizona Restaurant Week happens twice a year in September and May.  These are our suggestions for locally owned restaurants in Scottsdale for September 21st-30th that are participating in Restaurant Week. DIG Scottsdale has picked seven places so you have got your week all planned out!

Exhausted from trying to decide where to eat for AZ Restaurant Week? We got you!

6° Urban Kitchen 

For $33 a person 6 Degrees is offering three courses.  6° Urban Kitchen just had their 1 year anniversary.  They’re located at Scottsdale and Double Tree and offer happy hour all day on Mondays.  

First course | 6 Degrees

Choose a starter: either the green pork chili or pear& spinach salad. Both sound great but DIG recommends the salad with blue cheese, Craisins, almonds and a chocolate balsamic vinaigrette (yaaaaas, chocolate).

Second course | 6 Degrees

Three choices for your main entree. They include chicken mole, shrimp & corn enchiladas and Mexican squash huaraches. Our recommendation is to go with two other people so you don’t have to decide what to order.

DIG Scottsdale 6 Degrees Urban Kitchen Churro Sundae

Desserts | 6 Degrees

You have two choices of mini churro sundae or a flourless chocolate cake. Their churros are delicious, but then so is that cake! Bring a friend.

Dorian in Old Town

What’s not to love about the Dorian?  Beautiful food, beautiful people and a glamorous setting.  The Dorian is an intoxicating and captivating place for a date.  This is also a heavenly place to chill with friends in one of the plush seating areas or around the gorgeous circular bar.  If you don’t make it during restaurant week, do try their burgers and bruschetta.  The food is Calasian (California/Asian fusion) and tries to bring healthy foods like brussel sprouts and acorn squash into your world. They’re offering three courses for $44.

Bruschetta | Dorian 

Choosing which bruschetta is nearly impossible with choices of goat cheese & salted pear in a citrus glaze, warm brie with apricot & thyme compote, elderflower honey goat cheese spread with fuji apples or macerated olive tapenade with roasted tomato & ricotta spread. The elderflower goat cheese is the DIG recommendation.

Main Course | Dorian

Dorian’s has offered five different dishes so there is something for everyone. The entrees are ancient grain salad with crab, cioppino, roasted hare, artichoke & shrimp scampi and braised short ribs. Who can resist hare? Yum!

Dessert | Dorian

Again, they have provided some irresistible options for dessert. The choices are black forest trifle, apple strudel or peach crumble. All sound amazing, but with Dorian’s salacious cocktail menu, we’d opt for hand-crafted libations instead.

Farm & Craft

This chic restaurant located in Old Town on Scottsdale Road and 6th is offering an appetizer, entree and your choice of either a dessert or a kombucha cocktail for $33. Farm & Craft has many gluten-free and vegetarian options on their menu

Appetizers | Farm & Craft

Five options to choose from including some vegan options. The choices are kale caesar, vegan ceviche, chilled raw pad thai, nachos and burrata & grilled veggies.

Entrees & Bowls | Farm & Craft

Again, Farm & Craft offers some vegan and gluten-free options on their menu. Six choices which range from roasted half chicken, probiotic bowl, lasagna bolognese, tocoa steak bowl, vegetarian lasagna or a chicken fried rice bowl.

Dessert or Kombucha Cocktails | Farm & Craft

Also nice to have some options especially when you prefer your calories in liquid form after a great meal. For desserts, they’re offering gluten-free brownie, coconut ice or a green tea cheesecake. The kombucha cocktails include three choices: kombucha & habanero, kombucha & cucumber or kombucha & tequila.

Fat Ox

The Fat Ox is located at Scottsdale and Lincoln.  This restaurant always provides a decadent meal and stopping by Fat Ox during Arizona Restaurant Week is a DIG recommendation.  This restaurant was selected as one of the top seven best restaurants in Scottsdale.   Fat Ox is offering three courses for $44 and our suggestion is to order the pappardelle, the fish and the tiramisu but here are your choices so you can decide for yourself.

DIG Scottsdale Fat Ox veal meatballs with giusto polenta, San Marzano tomato, basil and parmesan
DIG Scottsdale Fat Ox veal meatballs with giusto polenta, San Marzano tomato, basil and Parmesan

Primi Piatti | Fat Ox

Five delicious options to choose from will make deciding difficult. Your first course choices are mozzarella di bufala crostini, insalata di casa, veal meatballs (shown above), grilled calabrian shrimp or pappardelle.

Secondi Piatti | Fat Ox

Once again, you have five amazing selections available for the second course. This is a scenario where you want to bring a friend or two and share so you don’t have to decide. Your entree options are 8 oz Linz Prime Ox cut steak, seasonal fish, short rib, grilled organic chicken or gigli. The short rib served with golden beets, whipped pistachio, rosemary crumble and pickled cherries is obscenely good but their fishes are always delightful too so good luck deciding.

Dolce | Fat Ox

Mouth watering and decadent the dessert offering at Fat Ox is something not to be missed. Don’t deny yourself the wonderous goodies at Fat Ox. The five options are pistachio cheesecake, butterscotch budino, amaretto gelato, gianduja frangelico tiramisu or bronte pistachio gelato.

DIG Scottsdale Local Bistro North Scottsdale
DIG Scottsdale Local Bistro located in North Scottsdale

Local Bistro

Aptly named, this local favorite located at Thompson Peak & North Hayden has a great offering for restaurant week.  Local Bistro is a popular eatery in North Scottsdale and it’s beautiful bar and patio allows you to really enjoy the great weather. Local is offering three courses for $33. 

First Course | Local Bistro

For appetizers, Local is offering three choices. The recommendation here would be the calamari fritti with zucchini, meyer lemon and crispy herbs. Besides the calamari frittis, they’re offering polpettine and beet salad.

Second Course | Local Bistro

Three choices are offered for the second course. Select from truffle risotto, spaghetti allo scoglio and bacon wrapped pork tenderloin. Local is known for their risotto and this truffle risotto in wild mushrooms, parmesan with white truffle oil is not only amazing but also gluten-free.

Third Course | Local Bistro

Two choices for dessert for restaurant week. The lemon panna cota and the chocolate boca negra cake. Both desserts are vegetarian-friendly!

DIG Scottsdale Second Story Liquor Bar at the corner of Scottsdale Road and 3rd.

Second Story Liquor Bar

Located at 3rd Avenue and Scottsdale above the gelatto shop across from Bourbon & Bones is a hidden gem called the Second Story Liquor Bar.  It’s on the second story with a cat perched on the roof this speakeasy is a fantastic place to have cocktails and people watch.  Their food is like a fancy comfort food combined with luscious libations make for a lascivious evening. It’s a very sexy place! Second Story Liquor Bar has chosen not to provide their menu for Restaurant Week but it’s listed at $33. If you’re looking for swanky and delicious, you’re in the right spot.


This Mexican-Asian fusion restaurant located at Scottsdale and Lincoln is a crowd favorite.  Fun vibes, great food, good music is the winning combination for the start of a great night.  SumoMaya is offering three courses for $33 and if you’ve never tried their fruit guacamole with pomegranate, now’s your chance!

Primero | SumoMaya

The first course has three options. All offerings are gluten-free. The fruit guacamole is a must-try and SumoMaya also has shishito peppers and edamame. The peppers are served with toasted pumpkin seeds. Yum!

Segundo | SumoMaya

Four selections are offered for the second course. Choose from pork al pastor pad thai, Maya roll, crispy chicken mole or confit duck empanada. The Maya roll is made with tuna, wasabi tobiko and yuzu aioli.

Postre | SumoMaya

For dessert, SumoMaya has two options. The first is tres leches sweet milk, passion fruit, and meringue and the second is a coffee pana cotta with brandy whipped cream and Mexican wedding cookies.

Every Night Covered | DIG It!

There you have it!  The only decision you have to make now is how many friends to bring so you can try all the offerings.  Stay tuned to our Gram for pictures during restaurant week of the great selections. Use #digscottsdale for reposts!  Enjoy the local restaurants Scottsdale has to offer.