It’s 2021: What Is Going On In Scottsdale

Before COVID, any October to May will have every restaurant, resort, bar or club packed.  Since the pandemic, some events have canceled or delayed but many are still happening, COVID edition. The burning question on anyone’s mind when they leave the house is what is open and what has changed.

Use This Guide As A Reference

This guide was written in January 2021.  Things change, events get modified or delayed or postponed.  At the time of the writing, these are events happening in Scottsdale for 2021. Events will be added and may be changed and information will be updated, so check back frequently. 

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What Will Not Change Because Of COVID

While few things in life are certain, you can count on the beautiful desert landscape, the amazing sunsets and the weather that will charm your socks off if you’re coming from any place north or east of Scottsdale. Another great thing about Scottsdale is it’s very close to Sedona and Flagstaff. The trails are open, as are many parks, wildlife reserves and lakes. 

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Annual Events In Scottsdale 2021

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Plenty To Do & See

There is a lot to do during the day and night in Scottdale even in 2021.  The other thing to keep in mind is how close Sedona is to Scottsdale 90 minutes away.  Sedona is beautiful with very different landscape than the Phoenix metro area. Stay safe and be smart about your health.  Keep the positive vibes and grateful attitude and life will be outstanding.