When The Desert Landscape Isn’t Enough

Seeing the desert landscape, day in and day out in Scottsdale during the pandemic started to get old. The record-breaking heat, social distancing and stressors around the world is enough to drive anyone mad. Even if you’re not stressed out, West Fork Trail in Sedona is one of the most beautiful hikes around. The best part is that this is about 90 miles from Scottsdale so it’s a quick day trip, no overnight stay necessary.

DIG Your Journey West Fork Sedona Green Canopy

Red Rocks & Green Leaves

The trail at West Fork is beyond gorgeous. After leaving the heat in Phoenix, you will feel like you have escaped to the Pacific Northwest on this hike. While still surrounded by red rocks, there’s so much granite in the dirt it’s like walking on glitter. The energy of the vortex is palpable and you will be transported to a serene place walking through this landscape.


DIG Your Life West Fork Trail

Beauty Throughout The Trail

People go to Sedona for a variety of reasons.  Many choose the destination for its spiritual properties, some for the beauty and others go just to see a different part of Arizona. The thing I love the most about West Fork is that it provides many challenges and many places for you to absorb the vortex energy.  One of my favorite challenges is to attempt to do the trail, crossing the creek 26 times and not get my feet wet.  This hasn’t happened yet and I highly recommend waterproof shoes, a change of socks and the understanding that if you get wet at the beginning of the trail you may want to just speed up and complete the trail sooner than later!

DIG Your Journey creek bed

Going To Sedona In October

The difference between Sedona in August and Sedona in October is huge.  The beautiful green canopy turns into a symphony of colors.  The water isn’t quite as high, there’s lots more people on the trails and the temperature is cooler.  The elevation is well over 4,000 ft so you may run into snow, hail or ice so be prepared. 

DIG Your Life Leaves On Trail

DIG Your Journey

My best recommendation on any trail on or near a vortex in Sedona is to enjoy the journey.  Don’t be so intent on completing the trail that you forget to enjoy the surroundings.  West Fork is one of my favorites for the beauty but there are others that have so much great energy, it’s difficult to finish the trails quickly.