It gets hot in Scottsdale

If you’re going to be visiting Scottsdale and are wondering what to expect, please note that we have a variety of temperatures in this wonderful desert resort town.

The desert in the summer is hot. Very hot. But it is not hot and dry. The monsoon season starts in the middle of June and goes to the middle of September. If you plan to be in Scottsdale during this time, expect to see awe-inspiring thunderstorms and maybe a haboob or too.

If you’re planning on hiking or golfing or any other activity during the summer months, plan to start early and finish by around 10:30am in the summer months. DIG suggests lots of indoor activities and drinking lots of water.

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Scottsdale between November and May, you are in for a treat. This is the most perfect, premium amazing weather you’re going to find almost anywhere in the country. No heater. No air conditioner. No bugs flying around so dining al fresco is a must! It does rain for about 10 days during the winter but it won’t necessarily be 10 days in a row and it won’t be for very long. Just enough to put a spring in your step.