Old Town Scottsdale

When drinking is the goal, Old Town Scottsdale is the place to be on the weekends. There are a lot of bars in a very small area. There is something for everyone: nightclubs, dive bars, lounges and sports bars.

When Does It Get Busy?

Show up around 10:30p-11p on Friday night and Saturday nights. Sunday is Funday and all the places have drink specials.  Most nightclubs open by 10p and the dress code is pretty chill compared to other major cities.  If you dress to impress, you’re money

DIG Scottsdale Three Wisemen Old Town Party
Everyone wants you to have a good time. See @missallyspoon to book a table

Where The Beautiful People Are

Night clubs are always changing, opening, closing but the one thing that is constant in Scottsdale is that everyone is beautiful! Check out these places for some serious eye candy: Three Wisemen, Bottled Blonde, Maya Day & Nightclub, INTL and Mint are all good choices. The places that are more chill are as follows:  Pretty Please Lounge, Riot House, Blind Dragon and Wasted Grain.

Sports Bars & Dives

These bars are just good fun places to drink but this list is not all inclusive, not by a long shot.  Check back frequently as we write up each bar individually:  Boondocks, Hi-Fi, Whiskey Row, El Hefe, Good Wood, DJ’s, Dakota’s, Giligin’s, Patti’s First Ave Bar, Rockbar, Social Tap or The District. 

DIG Scottsdale Old Town Map
A sample map of some of the bars in Old Town

Where To Get Uber

Here’s what you want to know: most of the clubs are within blocks of each other. When you’re ready to call Uber, do not be anywhere on the Saddlebag/Buckboard/Shoeman area because those streets get backed up and sometimes blocked off completely. Be nice to your Uber driver and get to an easier place to be picked up.  #1 best place is behind the Mint, #2 best place is at Boondocks and #3 best place is at the W but that gets jammed up too sometimes.  Some people walk to Camelback Road but often that’s going to end up with a ride cancellation by your driver because you can’t find each other. The important thing to do is not drink and drive!