DIG Scottsdale Arizona Restaurant Week Kasai Lobster Dumpling
This amazing lobster dumpling from Kasai is on the menu for Arizona Restaurant Week

Arizona Restaurant Week Time

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? The great thing about Arizona Restaurant Week, which happens twice a year, is that it’s a celebration of amazing food. 

DIG Scottsdale Arizona Restaurant Kasai Menu
The $44 Menu for Arizona Restaurant Week for Kasai in Scottsdale

Where Value Meets Opportunity

AZRW gives you the opportunity to be able to find some great restaurants that you might not have otherwise tried out for a better value than their normal everyday prices. There are a number of restaurants that are participating in Arizona Restaurant Week that are also locally owned which is what we’re all about and Kasai Asian Grill is one of those places! Local businesses need our support more than corporate chains. The reason is that when you use a local business you’re also helping the community because more money stays in the community than when you use a corporate chain.

Kasai’s Amazing Patio

Kasai is located on Scottsdale Road between Thunderbird and Acoma and is a wonderful place to eat dinner for all ages any time of year. The large outdoor patio is shaded enough that you won’t bake in the summer. The bar that is half inside and half outside is a wonderful place to hang out all year round. It is definitely a local’s favorite for good food, drinks and people watching.

Kasai has half price drinks daily during happy hour

The Daily Happy Hour Can’t Be Beat

A good bartender can make or break a restaurant. Jack and Jelly are those good bartenders that you can count on to make your drinks fast and fancy. The Passion Mango Martini has rum and vodka and mango puree and is so not your typical martini!

The adult version of a slushie the Passion Mango Martini is amazing

3 Courses for $44

With Arizona Restaurant Week, Kasai is offering three-course meals with too many options to decide what to get. The great things about Kasai is if you want raw or cooked, they have you covered. A great thing about teppanyaki style cooking is you get to watch the chefs cook in front of you.

Filet and Shrimp Teppenyaki During AZ Restaurant Week

Teppanyaki: Dinner With A Show

Who doesn’t like watching their food being cooked? Teppanyaki chefs at Kasai are full of entertainment. Throughout the evening you will hear the amusement of diners as they watch the knife work of the talented chefs at their tables.

Lobster Dumplings With Cognac Buerre Blanc

Must Try: Lobster Dumpling

I have to confess, I will try pretty much anything with lobster in it but mix it with some alcohol and it’s irresistible. This appetizer is sure to delight as they take a white wine butter sauce, mix it with some cognac and top it with microgreens. It’s perfect for a light meal during happy hours. I assure you the picture does not do it justice.

Just Desert

During AZ Restaurant Week, Kasai had two dessert options and they’re both delicious. The banana foster is not what you would typically expect. It’s a banana that is wrapped in a spring roll wrapper with a crispy cinnamon and sugar coating. The brown butter cake, on the other hand, is more traditional offering with berries, caramel and raspberry sauce. Both are worth trying.

DIG Scottsdale Arizona Restaurant Week Kasai Martini Dessert
If you would rather drink your dessert, this Passion Mango Martini is the way to go.

Try Some Place New

Kasai is a lovely restaurant that is big enough you never have to worry about waiting too long to get seated. Their huge indoor/outdoor bar will accommodate you and your friends who may just want to stop in for a quick drink at happy hour. The staff is great and the food can’t be beat. Get in there quick before AZ Restaurant Week is over, but if not just go in for happy hour and be amazed at the offerings.