How Coronavirus Is Changing Our Community


Local businesses are part of what makes our cities unique. Scottsdale and the Phoenix Metro area has so many fantastic restaurants, bars and nightclubs that its part of what brings in so many tourists. With the worldwide spread of COVID-19, it is necessary to make some changes to help keep our communities safe.


Staying In Business


Like many small businesses, margins are often tight. Locally-owned restaurants are being hit the hardest. COVID-19 has changed the way many restaurants operate. Many staff members have lost their jobs and many businesses are really struggling as they rely on the sale of alcohol to maintain profit margins.


How Restaurant Are Struggling


Due to social distancing and self-quarantines people are not dining-in even if the state hasn’t stepped in and eliminated the option. Many mayors in Arizona took the important step to try to stop the spread of coronavirus by eliminating groups of 10 or more and limiting restaurants to take-out or delivery.


How Bars & Nightclubs Are Struggling


Most bars and nightclubs are closed. Socializing is the last thing people should be doing right now. Let’s face it, we really shouldn’t be making out with strangers right now. Fortunately, this is temporary! Americans are hardy and creative and hopefully hand-crafted cocktail delivery is right around the corner but for now, the people in the bar industry are looking for other ways to earn a living.


What About The Food Trucks?


In theory, the food trucks should be the least impacted by the coronavirus. The business model has limited employees, take out only and are regularly inspected for cleanliness. I’d venture to say that some of these food trucks are more sanitary than a lot of other places you might eat. In South Padre Island, TX the Emergency Management Order from 03/19/2020 is suspending all food truck permits indefinitely. This doesn’t make sense to me but it could happen anywhere. Even though food trucks are still serving food, they’re still hurting from people who are doing self-quarantine.


Why Are Tips Important?


If you have never worked in the hospitality business you may not realize that for servers and bartenders, tips comprise the majority of their income. Now that no one is serving you food or drinks, do you stop tipping? That would be a NO. Many front of house and back of house staff are tipped from the servers and bartenders. Show your appreciation and send out some love.


Attention: All Hospitality People


Hey bartenders, chefs, sous chefs, kitchen staff, servers, front of house, valets, owners or anyone else in the hospitality industry: If you have been hit with loss of income because of COVID-19 and you’re changing your business model or creating a new side gig like catering or whatever let me know. I can write about you and get the word out to the community. I got you. I believe locally-owned businesses are what makes our economy strong. DM me, @me or fill out the contact form on my site. SEO is my jam and I’ll get your message out. For free. NSA. I’m not selling you anything. I believe this is the most valuable way I can support you. XOXO


A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats


How The Community Can Help


The number one thing you can do to help our locally-owned businesses stay in business is when you choose to order food, do not order from a corporate chain. Yes, this includes Starbucks. Go to your favorite restaurant, bar or nightclub and order a t-shirt, hat or whatever merchandise they got going on. Better yet, buy a gift card online and stay at home. Lots of places are offering discounts on their gift cards too. When you get your food, whether it’s dropped off or you pick it up, TIP and TIP BIG.


Support Each Other


This is the best way I know how to support our hospitality community. Contact me and I’ll get your message out. Be safe out there.