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Nik Fields and Her Passion


We are all about promoting happiness, supporting local businesses and especially raising up other women. Those are our core initiatives. I was asked to do a foodie blog on this weekend’s cookbook launch for Chef Nik Fields so I agreed to attend the event.


Dressed to Impress


I arrived about 10 minutes before the party was to begin and everyone was running around taking care of last minute activities. Having never met Nik, I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I like promoting other women’s success. The event was held at The Emerald which is a beautifully designed co-working space in Scottsdale. The Emerald is also all about promoting women’s success so we were off to a good start. Soon people started arriving and the DJ got the vibe going. Everyone looked amazing.


DIG Scottsdale Chic Chef Dessert Tray of Cupcakes
DIG Scottsdale Chic Chef Dessert Tray of Cupcakes


Sitting Pretty and Their Podcast


While I was waiting for the festivities to get started, I was asked by the ladies of Sitting Pretty to be on their podcast. So I joined Spicee T, NikÄ“, Queen B, T to the E and Kimmie to be interviewed on my first podcast where I talked about some of my favorite Scottdale Restaurants including Fat Ox, The Mission, Chula’s Seafood, Coconuts Fish Cafe and one Texas restaurant Da Mario’s in Frisco. The Sitting Pretty crew had already interviewed Chef Nik and so tonight’s podcast was just about interviewing the people at the event. These ladies were a blast and I hope I get to go out and grab some cocktails with them sometime. Don’t they have the cutest logo?


DIG Scottsdale Sitting Pretty Podcast
DIG Scottsdale Sitting Pretty Podcast


The Cookbook Launch


So Chef Nik has all these beautiful people here to celebrate the launch of her cookbook. Her book is called The Chic Chef Approach: A Culinary Vibe which is available on Amazon and her website the Chic Chef Co. Please note I linked to Amazon from smile.amazon.com which will allow you to donate a portion of your purchase to your favorite charity. If you didn’t know about smile.Amazon, here’s your chance to do something good by supporting Chef Nik and a local charity. If you don’t have a favorite local, grassroots charity, let me suggest Opportunity4Kids here in Scottdale which is a great organization helping kids across the Valley.


DIG Scottsdale Chic Chef Pear Salad With a Champagne Vinaigrette
DIG Scottsdale Chic Chef Pear Salad With a Champagne Vinaigrette


Feeling The Tribe Vibe


Chef Nik Fields has a tribe of amazing people who are all cheering for her success. With the wonderful turn out of amazing people, it’s clear this woman is doing something right. While it’s fairly impossible to write a foodie blog without tasting the food, I decided that this blog was going to be about the act of eating. How you eat and what you eat is important but more important is who you are eating with and how you’re spending that time.


DIG Scottsdale Chic Chef Nik Fields Announcing Her Appearance on Hell's Kitchen
DIG Scottsdale Chic Chef Nik Fields Announcing Her Appearance on Hell’s Kitchen


Slow Your Roll


Good food takes time to make and should take time to enjoy. My dining table is one of my important pieces of furniture in my home. Creating a welcoming and warm environment at the table has always been important to me. When I got the chance to talk to Nik, I found out we were totally on the same page. She spoke about her passion for using food to bring people together. Food should be a chance to break bread and fellowship with one another. It should not be gulped down while texting your friends.


DIG Scottsdale Chic Chef I Cook I Pray I Slay
DIG Scottsdale Chic Chef I Cook I Pray I Slay


Supporting Nik


Chef Nik’s buttons were everywhere: I Cook, I Pray, I Slay. The people that came out to celebrate her success and the launch of her cookbook not only included a very supportive husband and friends. But her parents and preacher came out too. To me, this speaks volumes. When she announced her future appearance on Hell’s Kitchen she teared up and everyone was right there to support her. The food disappeared too quickly for me to try her cooking but I can totally get on board with her energy and vibe. Wishing you all the best, Nik! Go get it!