When Social Distancing Goes Wrong


Self-quarantined for more than 6 months, stuck in the desert with 115+ degree temperatures and not social distancing, wore me out. I was ready to go anywhere that just was cooler.  Scottsdale is gorgeous but the monsoon season skipped us in 2020 and Phoenix had a record-breaking hot summer.


DIG Your Journey Sedona Bell Rock Hiking To The Top 20200821_181625
This is the view from almost the top of Bell Rock.


Magic Of Sedona


Living in Scottsdale surrounded by saguaro cactus and succulents as far as the eye can see, it’s easy to forget that Arizona is more than just desert. Sedona is about 80 miles from Scottsdale and that’s exactly where I headed with no specific agenda or plan. A friend suggested Bell Rock and since this is one of the four primary vortexes in Sedona, that’s where I ended up.


On The Way To Sedona


Once you leave Phoenix metro on your way north to Sedona, you will quickly notice two distinct things. The first obvious difference is the temperature change. Leaving 118 degrees in Scottsdale in August, you will note a drop of about 5 degrees every 10-15 minutes of driving. The second change is in the energy. Just stop at a gas station or store and the air just feels different. Sedona has a lot of good juju and you don’t have to be perched on a vortex to feel it.


DIG Your Journey Driving to sedona
On the way to Sedona, the red rock views breathtaking


Bell Rock Beauty


The base of Bell Rock is a pleasant trail surrounded by trees twisted from vortex energy, wildflowers and just general desert beauty. I am not a hiker, in fact, before this day I have never hiked in my life. I had briefly read some whimsical description of the trail at Bell Rock that sounded nice. I did not find this trail but instead headed up the mountain assuming getting to the top was the only goal to have.


Bell Rock breakdown from Sedona Hiking Trails


Breaking Down Bell Rock’s Levels


Little did I know there are four levels to Bell Rock. Luckily you do not need to climb to the apex of the spires to feel the great vortex energy that surrounds this area. The above diagram from Sedona Hiking Trails gives you a much better idea of what to expect. The first two levels are rocky and steep but manageable and the last two levels are more like bouldering and rock climbing than traditional hiking, in my opinion.


The V on Bell Rock
The green arrow indicates the bottom of the V at Bell Rock where I stopped


Beauty Is Everywhere


Whether you choose to ascend to the very top for the most amazing views or you choose to stay near the base, the beauty is everywhere. The landscape is unusual and the red rock that is found all over Sedona are worth the trip.

DIg Your Journey Sedona bell rock twisted trees 20200821_181901

Bring Good Shoes

If you’re an experienced hiker, you know this already but if you’re not, make sure you have shoes you trust. If you’re going to the top or close to the top you will want to be wearing something on your feet that you feel comfortable in because often the terrain is steep.

This is the way much of the trail looks.

There’s Something In The Air

This trail challenged me but getting away from my lack of life/work balance healed me. Simply being in Sedona makes a big difference in how you feel. I believe in starting and ending my days with things I’m grateful for and weeks later I am very grateful for this day on Bell Rock. Learning what your limits are and challenging yourself is what it’s all about and although (this time) I didn’t get to the very top, I did appreciate the journey even if the destination wasn’t what I expected.

DIG Your Journey Bell Rock Views
Some of the beauty that surrounds Bell Rock

Be Flexible, Plans Change

The important take away for this excursion is that while this wasn’t the leisurely day of strolling along a vortex I envisioned, it was so much more. The law of attraction will bring us exactly what we need even if it’s in a different form or time frame than we wanted or expected.