You Must Try The Lobster Pot Pie

Here at DIG we try to make our locally owned businesses shine because we want them around for a long time.  But on occasion, there’s something so good that we have to recommend it!

We’ve already told you about The Princess but here is what we didn’t tell you yet…. this is one of the only resorts we are aware of that every restaurant is a treat.  DIG is about exploring so if you are staying at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess don’t just stay onsite but for the sake of all things that are happy don’t leave without going to Bourbon Steak!

DIG Scottsdale Bourbon Steak Lobster Pot Pie from Fodors Travel Guide

DIG Scottsdale Bourbon Steak Lobster Pot Pie – this is how it arrives

The restaurant at the front of the hotel (with its own entrance) is called Bourbon Steak. This is a Michael Mina restaurant and they’re all over the country but it’s the only Michael Mina spot in Arizona. It’s a pretty place with a nice ambiance, the wine list is extensive and amazing and they offer some delicious truffle fries in several flavors at the bar.   If you strolled into Bourbon Steak you would probably plan on getting a steak because that’s what you do with places that have steak in the name but take it from us, there’s something else on the menu you want to try.  Do yourself a favor and order the lobster pot pie!

Two Great Things Combined Together

Yes, you read that right.  Two great things combined together – all the happiness of a pot pie with the decadence of a lobster. Yummy!  This reminds me of the Simpson’s episode where Moe is trying to impress a woman so he says to the waiter, “Bring us the the finest food you got stuffed with your second finest.” The waiter says, “Very well, sir, lobster stuffed with tacos.”

DIG Scottsdale Bourbon Steak Lobster Pot Pie Reconstructed from the Culture Bite

DIG Scottsdale Bourbon Steak at the Fairmont Princess Lobster Pot Pie Reconstructed

As delicious as lobster pot pie sounds it’s the presentation that’s bomb! It’s a DIG worthy experience!  This treat arrives in a copper pot covered in a pastry.  With much relish and flare, the server carefully takes off the pastry top and lies it on the plate in front of you.  Then! The lobster is reconstructed and the pot pie with brandied lobster cream sauce is spooned out over the lobster and pastry. Winner!   Trust us, you’ll love it.