Dianna’s Insider Guide – Scottsdale

Welcome to DIG! If you’re new to the area or coming for a visit to the beautiful desert resort town use this guide to know what to do, where to go, what you must try or experience before departing.  The focus will be mostly on locally owned businesses but there will also be times where you just have to try a place because it’s outstanding (like the “Good Denny’s”).  This is not a food critic site or restaurant review, you’ve got Yelp and TripAdvisor for that type of research.  Instead, think of this site a a Promoter of Happiness.  Visit the places on DIG to find special gems you might not have discovered otherwise and you get to help more local businesses thrive in the process.  It’s a win, DIG it!

Must Do

Golf in Scottsdale

Must Go

Zinc Bistro @ Kierland

Must See

Partying in Old Town

Must Try

Bacon Jammmmm